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  1. I wonder where the hippos went to..... :hippo2:
  2. I Hope the updates to this site will prevail with smooth roads on its Journey
  3. Im Suprised you knew that, But have you seen the 2004 Version?
  4. "We Will Prevail" Hint: From a 1984 superbowl commercial
  5. Well, We'd have to see in the future B)
  6. Aren't alll Giant Frisbees are the same? B)
  7. I was at the parks Job Fair again (not to apply though), I was crusing down in front of the main entrance, I saw that the LIM's and control panel I have EXCLUSIVE photos of the progress! :insane: :insane: :bangin:
  8. I'd rather have a IJ themed resturant, that would at least go along with the IJ:ST opening
  9. No, i think the dippin Dots dude told me it was this year :lol:
  10. Either TheKlockster or PKIDelirium.
  11. Here are the photos IJ:ST track!!
  12. all of the pics have been sent
  13. PKIDelirium will have them up, i took the pics and they will be up soon. :insane:
  14. I did a Great job taking those pictures :insane:
  15. Well, i don't think AZ Rides are crap, i think they ROCK :insane:
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