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  1. Starbucks has good coffee, espcially the Tazo Tea, that S*h*i*t is [system Edit]in! (sorry bout the cussin, its really good stuff) B)
  2. ^ Thank you reclaimer!!
  3. At the front gate as usual
  4. There was never a sign for Rivertown. :lol:
  5. That was my friend john that was with me, i caught up with Don and Adam :lol:
  6. Is Happy Days Diner concidered a inside resturaunt? No, its an outdoor resturaunt, its just the theming of the diner that looks like coasters at Cedar Point. Its no way in particular like Coasters Diner
  7. Just heads up to you guys, if Thornberrys is open we'll try and do the bobsled runs on the 2nd & 3rd , im hearing warmer weather in the forecast, (possibly) :boat: :fryingpan: :thumbsup:
  8. PKI_Matt

    PKI Recreations

    You may also want to check out RCT Town they have coaster downloads and theme park stuff and trainers :insane:
  9. We could do this on the 2nd and 3rd of april
  10. Paramount’s Magic of the Movies Presents SCHOOL OF ROCK Live in Concert Rock and Roll revue premiers at Paramount’s Kings Island Memorial Day Weekend Get ready to rock! Paramount’s blockbuster feature comedy, School of Rock, backed by Hollywood’s big-screen, comedic genius Jack Black as the joyfully rebellious, anti-hero Dewey Finn, will premiere as a live rock and roll revue this summer at Paramount’s Kings Island. Paramount’s Magic of the Movies presents SCHOOL OF ROCK Live in Concert as a celebration of the power and ageless spirit of rock and roll, with a fresh, fast-paced story-line, engaging characters and the foot-stomping roar of live rock music. SCHOOL OF ROCK Live in Concert is a wildly energetic, high-voltage, live rock concert that celebrates the hit Paramount film as the story and characters from the original movie are reprised and merged seamlessly with extraordinary, raw acoustics and first-rate rock concert theatrics. The Paramount Theatre will buzz with concert quality audio, spectacular lights, pyrotechnics, video, and special effects; all supporting a 10-member cast that includes a live band performing a play list of unforgettable rock and roll classics. Straight A’s are not required! A penchant for stage dives, 20-minute face-melting guitar solos and the belief that one great rock show really can change the world, is the ticket. Rock Enroll! SCHOOL OF ROCK Live in Concert opens at Paramount’s Kings Island’s Paramount Theatre Saturday, May 28. For show times and more information, please check the website at www.pki.com. Paramount’s Kings Island is the best of Hollywood Entertainment – Now Playing! Paramount's Kings Island opens for weekend operation Saturday, April 9. Daily operation begins Friday, May 20. 2005 Season Passes are now on sale and are available by calling (800) 952-PASS [7277], online at www.pki.com, and at the park on select days and times. Discounted park tickets are also available when purchased in advance by calling (513) 754-5700, (800) 288-0808, online at www.pki.com and at Blockbuster locations. Paramount Parks (a unit of Viacom Inc.), is a leading developer and operator of world-class theme parks and location-based attractions, entertaining more than 13 million guests annually. The company currently owns and operates five of the most popular theme parks in North America including: Paramount Canada’s Wonderland (Toronto, Ontario, Canada); Paramount’s Carowinds (Charlotte, N.C.); Paramount’s Great America (Santa Clara, Calif.); Paramount’s Kings Dominion (Richmond, Va.); and Paramount’s Kings Island (Cincinnati, Ohio). The company also developed and manages the award-winning STAR TREK: The Experience at the Las Vegas Hilton (Las Vegas, Nev.) and manages Bonfante Gardens horticultural theme park (Gilroy, Calif.) and CBS Television City at the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino (Las Vegas, Nev.). More information about Paramount Parks is available at www.paramountparks.com.
  11. Well if anyone is interested in a position as a Mod just as Me, PKIDelirium, or The Klockster
  12. That would be a dancers dream B)
  13. The New IJ:ST picture update of the tour will be up soon
  14. Dont Worry, We'll have the whole thing covered B)
  15. PKI Will Be Hosting another Italian Job:Stunt Track Construction Tour. it Starts at 6:00, be there early at 5:45 or earlyer. Be There!!!! :insane: :insane: :insane: :insane:
  16. They Also announced Designated Somking areas this season. B)
  17. ^ Damn <Very tired \/ is also tired
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