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  1. This is Chestnuts Competition on ESPN SEE THE "BEAST OF THE DOGS"...soon to be skyline...i hope its a 4 way....love those
  2. Heres a sweet shot of Drop Zone
  3. King Cobra is still there, look on sonny if you dont belive me
  4. I want to Produce a Music Video, ill even help with the editing
  5. Im Hearing Delirium wont be open for 6 weeks
  6. I have Photos of Duhlee Having the Gear fixed for the ride
  7. I got 35 rides on IJ:ST already....B)
  8. Giving 3-D glasses for the effect of the fireworks coming at you, :lol:
  9. If You are a Gold Pass Holder, They do have the Picnic grove buffet and they will have International Resturaunt open too. B) Here is the link PKI Nights Of Fire!
  10. Its Been Laying there since 2002, so everyone has seen it. :P
  11. It takes him 2 weeks :P
  12. It was done this weekend and they said it would open May 20th. B)
  13. I Got to ride IJ:ST 11 times already!!!! B)
  14. I Didn't wanna ride, so i can take video and pictures for the staff
  15. FoF Opened in 96' with PKD's FoF, so, you might be able to find stuff online about flight of feat
  16. PKI_Matt

    new member

    Welcome Pat to EPKI :P
  17. Didnt you check bars when i was there with don on the ride?
  18. Well, we'll try and do the meet up, but you have to talk to Don about the meet up, and Adam (in case he is working)
  19. ^ I can agree with TTD, Iron Dragon is a great coaster
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