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    I love amusement parks! My favorite is Cedar Point. Kings Island would probably be ranked close after.<br /><br />I want to be a teacher when I am through with college. I am a current senior in high school. I have/am taking two years of "vocational education". Last year I was in a school with all special needs children. I was in a severe and profound middle school classroom for the first 18 weeks of school. Then for my second 18 weeks I was in a developmental kindergarten classroom. This year I am working in my old elementary school! I am with the fourth graders there. I also go to the fifth grade rooms, the Kindergarten room, and will be venturing off to the second and third grade rooms. :). I love it. In my spare time you can find me tutoring and of course reading about rides and roller coasters. <br /><br /> One day I hope to build my own. I want to design it on the No Limits Roller Coaster designer and get a gist of how it would go. Nothing big, but I would love to do that.<br /><br /> <br />
  1. I too, will miss Scooby. Back when I was angry at Kings Island, I cursed at Scooby taking away my beloved Phantoms, of the Phantom Theater. But now I find myself doing this with Scooby. With the haunted castle being taken out, I fear that the dark ride will be of no more. Cedar Fair is not big on theming, and I just fear that no longer will that building be used for a dark ride, unless Kings Island does still get to decide what it will or can be. I realize Scooby was better for kids, but Phantom Theater really was great too, It gave you that little bit of fright but still let you have fun. I g
  2. Hi There!!!!

    So what was your favorite part of the ride???


    You're a good guy!


  4. :D There is the actual link: Check it out. http://youtube.com/watch?v=lFYR6YKG5bA
  5. I liked the question of Cedar point VS Kings Island, but I'd love to hear. Now that Cedar Fair have expanded what is your favorite? For instance I love Dorney Park :)
  6. Yes they can, but most don't :(. I wish they would have kept the smurfs so I could have ridden it and at that Phantom Theater. They could have spruced Phantom up a bunch to make it scarier just by looks. Idk... But yeah, Diseny is the only one I know to have so many dark rides.
  7. I have always been a fan of Cedar Point. My family has taken me there since I was very little. I only started going to Kings Island since I was about 5 in 1995. I find that Kings Island is much better in theming and has a nice atmosphere to it. Cedar Point has an upbeat atmosphere to it, which I like. It makes me ride one ride and go to the next. Maybe if Kings Island added an inverted coaster like Raptor, the two would be tied... Phantom Theater won my heart over. Anyways.. I do prefer CP over KI. But I do love them both. :D
  8. WOW this is amazing. So is the roller coaster right above. Great job- I love "El Nino" I wish I could ride that!!!!! :) Are those rides available somewhere?
  9. The two other white men were there. The one who looks like a Roman Centurion "With the Spear" had a phantom-like face projected on to him and he would say something along the lines of "You have come to far, you have seen to much so sayeth the centurion!" The other one would recite Shakespeare. I will admit, they didn't stand out as well as the furnace/Rope men did.
  10. Ghosther coaster or what ever the name is .... is actually in pieces in the field behind son of beast.

  11. So how do you like my lovely picture ;).


    Do you know also if that ghoster coaster went anywhere? Or does KI still have it?

  12. Thanks Paul! Glad to hear you are well. Thanks. I'll be waiting anxiously to hear back about you know what. Did you hear about my project?

  13. I'm doing good... lol

    And I'll ask Don about

    "You know what"


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