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  1. I remember riding this back in 91. I had my 91 Senior Ring on and I kept hitting myself in the face with it every time we went around a corner.
  2. John Wesley Harter AKA "Tower Johnny" died on Friday, May 13th 1983. (Almost 30 years ago yesterday) He was intoxicated and decided to climb the tower in a way that the park didn't intend. At one time you could walk up to the lower platform before 83. After the accident, one no longer has access to it. It had a chained off stairwell that you could go up for maintenance reasons I believe. He went over the chain and was trying to ride the elevator down. He either fell to his death, or go entangled in the wires and got cut up. Or both. Today is also the anniversary of the Carrollton, Ky. Bush crash that happened in 88. The group was on their way home from Kings Island. I was at Kings Island not a week after "Black Sunday" didn't know what had happened until after I got there. I doubt very seriously that there are ghosts of dead people running around Kings Island. Having said that, negative things do often hang around where negative or morbid happenstances have taken place. So if people are experiencing weirdness at Kings Island, or ANYWHERE that such horrible happenstances have taken place, it is of no surprise to me.
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