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  1. I will be working at Urgent Scare, it is my first year as well.
  2. I'm not gonna get big into this untill they actually say it is coming here. But if it does come here that would be awesome, it would save me a trip to Geauga Lake, the only reason I have gone there is to ride X-Flight...so I would def. enjoy it coming here...but we will see.
  3. Yea I will def. be down to Dollywood next year. I haven't been able to get to Dollywood yet and was going to make a trip this year, but once I heard about Mystery Mine I decided to go ahead and wait till next year to make the trip down there.
  4. I was there yesterday and thought The Asylum and Phycho Path were actually pretty decent, other than the park was PACKED again for another saturday night. There were lines for every single thing even the walk thrus, if that's what they consider the newly improved scare zones. I wasn't about to wait for them so we decided to leave. Whatever happened to KI opening their haunted houses that were indoors at 3:00? When they did that it was actually possible to do all the haunted houses in one night, but now if the park is like it has been the past two weekends, good luck with that.
  5. Yea it def. was crowded, I think every Haunted house had atleast an hour and a half wait. I do have to give it to Kings Island this year for there FearFest it is an excellent event. I read alot of things from people saying it wasn't that good, I went both Friday and Saturday and loved it. It is about 10 times better than Cedar Point's Halloweekend. KI has about 4 or 5 haunted houses better than anything Cedar Point has in my view. The only thing Cedar Point has on KI is there Fright Zone's. BeastBash was a very fun event, give it up to them for having problems with FOF in the moring but still getting us ERT on The Racer, the backstage tour was awesome. Over all good day even though the park was packed.
  6. Yea I heard about the Goldpass and VIP lots leaving, doesn't bug me one bit. I honestly don't care about the extra 2 minute walk, it won't bug me, and if it does bug people, just get to the park early. I agree with CoastersRZ on this one, I couldn't see Cedar Fair getting rid of the parking pass after the Oct. 29th deadline. If I didn't get the parking pass there is no way I would visit the park around 10 or so times like I do normally.
  7. Nice Pictures. I like the graveyard idea for the past rides, Cedar Point has done this with there halloweekend the past two years I have been there(not sure if they did it before then as well). I'm getting really excited about BeastBash this saturday.
  8. No after oct 29 parking isn't free for anyone that already has a season pass from this season. You can still get parking but it will cost you 30 some odd dollars.
  9. So is anyone on here gonna attend Beast Bash, I will be there pretty excited about it.
  10. Nice site, looks very good. The fearfest bus looks awesome.
  11. I actually picked the Dolphins to beat Buffalo, of course I picked them to beat Pittsburgh as well. I jumped on that Dolphin bandwagon early and fell hard.
  12. Didn't the bills beat the Dolphins in week 2....16-6. If that is what you were referring to up above to the question asked who hasn't beat the Dolphins. I hope the dolphins have a decent season I like Culpepper, I just don't think beating Tennessee proves anything yet. Althought the dolphins do get lucky again next week as they will play Houston, probaly two of the worst teams in the NFL back to back, Tennessee and Houston.
  13. Yea the scare zones at KI last year were very predictable, but it was the first year they had the scare zones. I expect them to be a lot better this year(hopefully).
  14. I'm not trying to start an argument, but I was dissapointed with Halloweekends this year, as well as I was last year too. I think there haunted houses and walkthroughs are very predictable with everything they do, the theming isn't all that great, true they throw a lot of pumpkins around and hay, but that just doesn't get to me. I thought Kings Island's was better last year and I expect it to be better this year as well. The one good thing about this past weekend at Cedar Point was basically walking onto MF and Dragster 4 rides on each of them was awesome.
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