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  1. I heard (and I know none of you will believe me considering my post count) that there will be a new maze other than Red Beard's relocation. Just what I heard though.
  2. Sorry to revive a thread, but there's only 4 months til haunt. Anything new?
  3. Hey dude our forums at VFZ got deleted so could you reregister sometime if ya get a chance? That'd be great! Thanks man,


  4. Just curious as to what ya'll think you'll get/want for the 2009 season for the Halloween Haunt. Seems like Urgent Scare did a fine job, and KI will most likely expand again. Your thoughts?
  5. Well after getting off the first time, I was NOT in the mood to try it again. Sorry ;)
  6. Well, I went to Kings Island in very early August, and I had a fabulous experience. I loved the park, the atmosphere, the rides, everything. I did happen to ride all the coasters (excluding Bill's teenage unfriendly coaster), and hit up a few other rides as well. When we first got there, (which was around 4:30) we hit up Invertigo which was really insanely fun! I love how unique it is. Then we went to Drop Zone, rode that, that was good fun. A bit overhyped, but still it was fun. After DZ I hit up Son of Beast. A bit nervous after hearing mixed reviews, I hopped in the far back seat, and had the worst ride of my life. It was absolutely horrendous from start to finish. They could've rebuilt the framework for all the houses that got hit after hurricane katrina with all that wood. What a waste. <_< Anywho, after that terrible experience, I headed over to Top. . . err Flight Deck. What a great coaster! I pictured the coaster as well as the landscape itself to be a lot different, so it was a nice surprise to see how secluded it was. The station is less than magnificent though. Flight Deck is my 2nd favorite Arrow Suspended Swinging Coaster now. After FD, I headed over to Adventure Express which was very. . . odd. The theming is really random, but oh well. Twas fun. After Adventure Express, I went on both of the Racers which were fairly rough, but oh well, got the credits. :rolleyes: Then I think I went to Italian Job err... Damn all those name changes :P I honestly can't remember the name, but I rode it, good fun, not worth reriding really but still, it was decent. Then I went to the Crypt, but that had a really long line, so I skipped it and went to the Beast. What a great coaster! Awesome layout, but I can tell it's aging & getting more rough. Post-second lift hill was horrible. Other than that, great stuff. After that, I went to Vortex, that was alright. There was one "Son of a b***c moment on it (can't remember what part of the ride) but it was fun. After Vortex, I went to Firehawk, it broke down in line, so everyone left but me, waited 15 minutes, opened again, got front row. It was great! Sorta felt unsafe with the restraints though to be honest. . . After Firehawesome, I went to FOF that was ace. Loved the launch effects. After that, I ran over to Nick Universe to hit up the 2 kiddie coasters, got on RRR no problem, except I hit the back of the next car with my feet :D , and then I got to Fairly Odd Coaster right as it was closing, but the awesome employee lady let me go in so I was the last person of the night. Great stuff! I love junior wooden coasters. Second day, went to BB, Fantastic waterpark! Loved every inch of it. Stayed on the flowrider for about 6 hours, and I must say, all the local flowride pro's are so insanely cool & nice, big props to all of you guys! You're awesome! I had a great experience at KI and I most definitely return once: A.) Diamondback Opens B.) Son of Beast becomes Ohio's biggest bonfire. That's all ;) ~Valleyfair-Freak
  7. Well judging by what you all already have you're in for 2 new haunts in 09. I'm gonna guess either a Camp, Plague, or Doll themed haunt.
  8. Well yeah I realize that I'm just saying the way they dress it up makes it look really great! I went to the park early August by the way.
  9. Knott's even uses those spider webs. They may not look that real, but they're more durable and will be able to last through-out the whole haunt instead of lets say those realistic looking ones that will float away after one night. Everything looks really cool but the thing that standed out the most for me was Red Beard's Revenge. That entrance looks so sick! I hope Valleyfair does somethin like that for our new haunt.
  10. Believe me.... they aren't easy to put in. I mean I know that WOF put up 2 structures this year, but it's not easy man. You have to get permits, licenses, file random reports, it's a huge hassle. I agree it'd be a great investment because you get 2 in 1. Store props in during the season/offseason, make it a haunt for the haunt season. I agree but there's a lot of things you have to factor in before making one.
  11. Ha with the no smoking sign comment. . . what if someone lit up a cig in the middle and then threw it down into the corn. WOOSH! Just like our awesome scare zone, it becomes Hellside Farm. Also yeah I dunno about the machines in the middle. I'll definitely have some pics up of our Hellside Farm once haunt roles around 2 weeks from this Saturday.
  12. Aw still though that sounds awesome. I can't wait to see how Knotts does their Cornstalkers. That should be impressive. Also have you all seen the CP Cornstalkers pics?!
  13. Yep that's the one! I can't find a good POV of it though.
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