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  1. Ghoster coaster at Canada's wonderland
  2. Kings Island is host last riders on SDATHC,Call 513-754-5700 for last rides. See kings Island twitter for more. I am on the list.
  3. Jim McDonel is my uncle.Yes he did win a few prizes like a hat(he gave me the hat)and millionth ride t-shirt plus the the sign. He worked six years in the 80's in food service in the Park.He trained a week in KD and reviewed Carolina gold rush for Adventure express debut in 1991.He also witnessed tower Johnny. I'M in the Kings Island insider front entry picture (far right).
  4. I think the reason why they removed the poles is probably because they where using the poles as a marketing scam to fool people that they are building a new ride the next season so the guest can come back over and over again to see the new ride but always fail.When KI made DB the ignorant guest will not come back because this new addition stands out and they know that the new ride will not be coming so the scam wont work.
  5. I think an El Loco is what we want and maybe need,but a ferris wheel is what we NEED.If we are lucky we might get both.
  6. ;) Uhg guess ive already been on DB ;)
  7. I have the same trouble.But to tell you the truth excuses arn't going to work,I tried to do it of weeks. Though I might help if I know how long the practice is and how you coach is on dicipline.
  8. yes I did mean ambulance and it likely isn't ride related now that I thought over it twice.
  9. Yesterday night at Kings Island me and my freind Eric went in line for Flight Deck but before that we saw a abulance in front of son of beast.my freind asked the driver what was going on.she said it was soming wrong with son of beast and could not report any more.Could this be the end of Son of Beast?
  10. I went to KI today and the first thing I did was go to firehawk and got great spots in line.what suprized me was that the blue racer was running again after a month of SBNO and was fairly smooth then we went on the red racer.after that we went to NU and we went on the reptar and that was it for NU. then we took the train to boomerang bay and stayed at the wave pool and came back.I saw the splash pool in rivertown and they where filing it up with water.I ended with going to passenger pickup.
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