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  1. That book was awful. Their is 0% Chance that it gets made into anything. ;)
  2. I've heard so much about the eiffel tower. The rumors, the stories and everything in between. what is the story of the first deck of the eiffel tower? Is any one allowed their any more? When was it closed? :huh:
  3. Is it just ace members that are welcome?
  4. My best experiences are 1. Riding THE BEAST, my first rollercoaster ever. 2. Getting Scared out of my mind before my first FOF ride. 3. Riding every coaster in the park in one day. Twice. 4. My first delirium ride. 5. Convincing my brother to ride Vortex, then he loved it. 6. Too many more to count. :)
  5. so theyre is ERT almost every day :o
  6. How often does the ERT take place with the gold pass? i want to plan to go on these days.
  7. sorry to post this here, but when does ki open and when is gold pass preview day. :blink:
  8. is the top spin at kd indoor too. sorry about the double post :doh:
  9. out of curiosity, what does drop zone have to do with paramount? :huh:
  10. there were three of them, but usually only two operated. am i correct?
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