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  1. I was reading about Planet Snoopy and found this in the web site I was reading Son of Beast will be closed for the year, If you don't believe me head over to the Planet Snoopy form and click on the link for your self. SO does this mean that SOB is done for good or just for now; I really don't know and was just wondering. On a side note I NO LONGER work for Kings Island.
  2. I think that should get rid of it. If you have ever been under it or in the 'back areas' of the ride, there is a lot to be said about how far down hill this ride has gone. it's like no one really cares about this ride anymore/ There were a few times this summer, when SOB went down, that there was 'somewhat of a line' but not really. Also the old Top Gun area on the under side, is trashed so trashed.
  3. Those are your top 5 roller coasters and yes I did see that. But if you look at my list I have only have one roller coaster on there. So in this topic it's suppose to talk about all rides. not just roller coasters.
  4. What happened to the DB thread? It looks all different and stuff. I can't see all the post anymore.
  5. I want to know what your top 5 rides @ KI ever, are or were. You can pick from the past or current, but no FUTURE. You can't call DB your favorite when you have never road it. Ol ya and you yourself had to have rode it, you can't say The Bat and your only 20 years old, that don't count either. These have to rides that you rode. So with that said here is my top 5: 5. The Slide. The one by the time that I was of age, could be found in Kiddie Land. 4. Smurfs. Who didn't love the smurfs. I still have one of the smurfs from that ride, siting on one of the old HB park benches in my uncles barn. 3. Skylab. They have one at CP, called the Witches Wheel. I rode it this summer and it brought back so many memories. 2. Flying Eagles. I was so d@#$ good at 'flying' the basket, that I could bounce it and I mean hard. I could also get almost all the way upside down and in doing that one time I nailed a tree. In that same ride, the ride opp stopped the ride and told me, not to come back because what I was doing was 'un - safe'! and my favorite ride ever at KI is 1. THE BEAST, I feel this will top a lot of peoples list, for different reason, but it's mine and I have no good reason, other than the fact, that it's the DA'BOMB
  6. Well, in case you haven't noticed, it starts getting dark around 5:30 these days... :P Dip n dots guys, as far as I'd assume and know, DB won't have seatbelts. None of the B&M hypers do that I'm aware of, mainly due to the design of the seats. The seats are essentially buckets, in which you are angled/reclined fairly far back. The lapbar comes down and basically pins you in the seat, making it very hard to squeeze out of, and removing the need for seatbelts. If you remember, when Behemoth was announced, it was said that the trains would have seatbelts - which turned out to be untrue when the ride opened. Also, the reclined nature of the seats also lifts your legs up, so (unless you have abnormally long legs) it'll feel like a floorless ride. Thank you for that! So they will be just like it's sister. Now does anyone know if a person of my size about 320 330lb a bit 'fat' can ride it., or will i have to loss my winter weight!
  7. http://www.coastercrew.com/gallery/display...=147&pos=17 http://www.coastercrew.com/gallery/display...=147&pos=12 http://www.coastercrew.com/gallery/display...=147&pos=18 http://www.coastercrew.com/gallery/display...=147&pos=18 So I was looking at Coaster Crew's pic of IAAPA 2008 (there are over 600 there!) and I saw some of pics of Behemouth's car. Now if you look at these pics you will see a few things that I hope will be on the DB cars as well, being the same model and all. There are no seat belts (good for air time!) There is for the most part nothing to hold on to! You look like your just out there is space. If your in the second row, you might feel a little bit like you on a floorless, due to how high off the ground you are. Now with that said, I be you will have to 48 or maybe even 56in to ride DB, if they use the same trains, due to the way they look and are designed. Side note take a look at this carousel it's three stoies tall! http://www.coastercrew.com/gallery/display...147&pos=133 http://www.coastercrew.com/gallery/display...147&pos=134 http://www.coastercrew.com/gallery/display...147&pos=135 http://www.coastercrew.com/gallery/display...147&pos=136 http://www.coastercrew.com/gallery/display...147&pos=138 http://www.coastercrew.com/gallery/display...147&pos=139 There's few pics of it, there are more on the web site, but I throught that you should look at this sweet carousel!
  8. Is it me, or does the station look a little small. I don't know maybe because it's not done,. But it doesn't look like there is going to be a lot of space in there. I guess there is going to be a lot of space outside and around it. They haven't built that yet. BTW if you look in the bottom hand corner of the station web came, you see a lot of table. That my friend is Oscars or Backstage Cafe were the employees eat. That use to have a trap and roof over that patio but in the big wind storm a few month back, it went with the wind! Man I was just thinking at how loud that is going to be right there next season. that's kind of going to sux for the people working there!
  9. The trains are on site. They are in tn the shop behind SOB, were they do some of the winter rehabs. They have been there for a few months. At least that is what I have been told. I don't know if it's a fact or not.
  10. I was just wondering a few things. Like what do y'all think is the heavesty piece on the track? I think the apex piece would be right up there, but I really don't know. We are talking track here and not supports, I know the supports are heavy, but not as heavy as one might think. Then do y'all think it was harder going down the lift hill, then up. Ok they build the drop going up toward the apex as well, but y'all know what I mean. I mean if you take a look at some of the pics, the guy is just standing on a rung of the track. http://www.kidiamondback.com/public/latest...ge&chip=283 http://www.kidiamondback.com/public/latest...ge&chip=284 http://www.kidiamondback.com/public/latest...ge&chip=285 That to me, looks like no fun at all, but you know he gets paied a [system Edit] tone of cash. That's all I have to say for now/ Peace
  11. NOOOOOO!!! I loved that building... and I really wanted it to be a part of the DB queue... and I really wanted to go through Red Beard's Revenge... :angry: :cry: :( :unsure: That was my thinking as well. That would have been really, really cool. But what can you do. On another note. I hugged DB, it's a really long story, and quite funny, but I want to work there next season, so I won't tell it. I also touched Clifford, another long story.
  12. THE LAST SUX!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean it was ok, if you were there to have fun. But I was there to EOS my 3rd stand this year (I count Outback Shack twice, don't ask why), well ok 4, BB Subway. I hated it so bad, but it looked like no one was in the park. Come to think of it, no one was in the park the whole weekend, even Halloween night was dead. It was like bare bones last year, were no one was in the park for the last 3 or 4 nights of the Haunt. I really don't get how we are so busy the weekends leading up to Halloween, then dead. But whatever I'm glad you had a good time. BTW I will be in the park next weekend.
  13. Hay Y'all It's me again. Ok so I was there today for prep, and I knew that DB was huge, but it really didn't hit to how tall it was, until I was standing at the dumpster behind Wings looking up at it. I did see something dangling from it and I was wondering, if that was for the chain. Can someone please tell me what that is, for whatever it is, it doesn't look done. thanks PS: I'm now a JR Member, I have two bars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm just so happy, sorry.
  14. As I was looking at the pics of DB being topped off I started to think: 1. The Guy who put the US flag up there. must not mind heights! 2. The guys in the cage, they must also not mind heights! 3. The guy operating the crane, has mad skills and 4. The welders also have mad skills. and above all 5. They must get paid a s&*T tone That is all I have to say, and that no matter the cost I HATE heights so I could never ever ever ever do that But I have a lot of respect for the men and women that do peace
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