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  1. sobrider

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    I heard it was going to be PACKED this weekand but I will try to come if i do come which is more likely. any ideas where i could meet you flightoffear1996.
  2. sobrider

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    but i typed it wrong my real name is Adam.
  3. sobrider

    new member

    No my real name is adam not pat. I have must of typed it wrong.
  4. sobrider

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    If i could meet some of you guys at pki it woud be nice but i am getting my season pass this weekend if you guys are going to be there that would be great Because every time i go to kings island i go alone.
  5. sobrider

    new member

    thank you. also do any of you guys work at pki.
  6. sobrider

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    Hi I am a new member to extremepki but I love pki. this web site gives so much info on pki. My real name is Pat. I worked at pki for one year than i quit because i wanted to ride the rides more than work there. I live right down the road from pki so i walk there every time the park is open. But i have been a season pass holder since 1998. I just wanted to know one thing when is the deadline untill the gold pass goes away.
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