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  1. KD's BL:SC actually had the fire above t he launch tunnel working on saturday so that's first as well as the music & sound effects working on FOF.
  2. It's gonna be 48 inches minimum but even with the restraints it's good because both my nephews will be able to ride it. I was at the park on saturday the 22nd & good lord was it a monsoon.We got there around 1 pm,rode Dominator & by the time we got over to grizzly afterward it was just pouring down rain,not to mention lightning as well & it didn't let up til nearly 6 pm.
  3. ok Kings Dominion gets a brand new roller coaster and a brand new kiddy land??? what the hell. Kings Island get firehawk one year thwn nothing the next year, then the next year Diamondback. Kings Dominion gets The Dominator, then the next two flat rides, then gets the Intimidator 305 and a new kiddyland. I'm sorry but that makes me mad. :censored: I don't think any new rides are coming as a result of the re-branding,just name changes to the existing ones.I hope shockwave gets new paint because A: it needs it & B:it's current colors were probably chosen to match those of the nick central area.
  4. I can't even get the help tutorial to load on my copy of NL.
  5. umm KIs drop tower is higher but KDs is a bigger drop. and KDCOASTERFAN the audio still works on BLSC, the batteries charge while the train is waiting in the station but since the ride ops are so fast they dont have time to recharge, try riding it first thing in the morning. LOL,I'm always on Dominator first thing & don't usually hit the congo area til late afternoon.
  6. The only reason why KD's FOF never ran in 06 was because paramount had it in their heads to ship it off to another park but CF put an end to that nonsense & the on board audio on our BLSC no longer works after CF took over due to liscensing issues. Both KI & KD have been treated rather well by CF so far but I'd hate to see it turn into another SF situation where they build,build,build & then 5 years later they're so far in debt from the cost of these rides that they no longer can afford to add anything new to the parks & have to resort to playing favorites just to make ends meet.
  7. Footers have been poured & they're rather large,also more track recently arrived but no pics are available just yet.
  8. This may be a pretty large ride as I've heard that the clearing is now possibly going paralell to WW down towards hurler.
  9. I agree with the others that you should start small & work up as your courage allows. Try starting with FOC since it's drop is only 35 ft.then move on to BLSC to get your first launched coaster experience since the take-off isn't as severe as on FOF & there are no inversions.When riding a looper such as vortex there is nothing to fear in an inversion as you go throug hit so fast you don't realize you're upside down & the forces are strong enough to keep you in your seat. I remember the first time I rode anaconda @ KD back in 92,it was my first looper & I had to force myself to go through with it but I enjoyed it & still ride it whenever I'm at the park despite how rough the 2nd half of the course is.
  10. There wasn't much to see on saturday but YNH posted on KDfansite that a new shipment of track has been delivered.
  11. I'm going to the park tomorrow so I'll be sure to check it out.
  12. TS was around for a couple of decades before the coaster that once bore the group's name was built.Why not just rename the ride firefall like they did at CGA? Then again this is CF we're talking about here & ride names aren't their strong suit.
  13. The latest update posted today shows that the construction crew is ready to start pouring footers.
  14. Ride quality will sometimes vary depending on the train you're in,seat you're in & overall track/weather conditions.I've had a few laps on Dominator in which the ride felt almost like an SLC in some spots only to have smoother rides on my next visit....& that's on a now nine year old coaster.
  15. So if they've redesigned the track do you think they've redesigned the trains as well? Perhaps this ride will feature trains more like SFNE's bizarro as opposed to SFA's S:ROS with a new restraint design....assuming it's a hyper/giga of course.
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