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  1. Hey, you've ridden Voyage, right? I think that's the coaster you forgot in your list.

  2. Same here. I couldn't imagine KI having something like Volcano though. I'm kind of surprised Canada's Wonderland never got something similar though. After Kings Dominion we began our drive to Carowinds. I slept most of this drive but woke up in Charlotte. Our hotel was right across the street from the park and we could see Intimidator from our window. We figured the park was going to be empty since the weekend before was their opening day of a new coaster and it was pretty much dead. Well we were wrong... I loved how Intimidator looks from the parking lot, it's so dominant and is prett
  3. First of all, sorry for the delay. I've been extremely tired every day and I'm trying to catch up with my sleeping pattern. So after Grizzly me and Alex went to Ricochet since it's just right down the midway. We passed the closed Hurler, I wish I could of ridden it but atleast the next day I rode the one at Carowinds. Closed Hurler... Ricochet was a pretty weird mouse coaster. It seems a little taller than most, and has the drop at the beginning (I'm sure everyone knows this already). Every single trimmed area I expected the ride to stop, but it never did. We just kept on goin
  4. Thanks, and yeah it's gotten some great things, but removed some stuff also. I honestly don't know if you can do that. Sorry. Thanks. So after Kings Island we began our journey to the better version of Kings Island. We drove east and stayed in Ohio for about 3 hours. I've always thought West Virginia would be a scary state with mutant red necks (like in Wrong Turn), but after driving through it, it's a really nice looking state! Some time in West Virginia (near Huntington I think) we all stopped at Shoneys. I've always heard how good they were so we all agreed it'd be a nice
  5. As soon as I305 was announced, I knew I had to go to Kings Dominion. So I talked to Adam (pkiboy) about a trip. Many months later we planned to go to Kings Dominion, Carowinds, SFOG, and Dollywood. It wasn't just me and Adam though, Angie, Tom, Matt, Jared, and Shawn came along with us making it 7 people. For weeks I couldn't stop thinking about how amazing this trip will be. I spent countless hours watching POVs and looking at photos. Than finally Thursday April 1st. came! I woke up at 5:55AM. and grabbed all my stuff and got in the car. My Mom drove me to Jared's house because my car wo
  6. I just rode Intimidator on Saturday and yes it is way better than Diamondback. Intimidator ir my #3 steel coaster, Diamondback is my #6. Intimidator has a little more ejector style airtime with some floater. But the best thing about it is the cool elements like the weird hammerhead turn, the inclined helix, and the second hill. Diamondback is a good coaster, but for me, I only get airtime on the first hills before the hammerhead. After that, the ride has no airtime, and since the trim and MCBR are so hard, the ending helix has no laterals.
  7. Yes, as Robb Alvey said... "Intimidator 305 eats MF and craps it out all over Cedar Point!" The past few days me and many KICers went on a HUGE coaster trip and were at KD for I305's opening day. I305 is my new #1 coaster, this thing has just about everything I love in a steel coaster. Airtime, yep it has plenty! Lats, hell yeah! Intensity, Oh yes, the most intense coaster I have ever experienced! I honestly don't imagine another steel coaster being better than I305, it is that good.
  8. --------------- Now that the park is open, we aren't having Funstruction Guides anymore, for now on I will just be posting updates from a manager (or someone like that)'s view. 1976 PARK DOWNLOAD This is all the custom scenery I have, you will need just about all of it if you want the full experience. IMPORTANT: You will need Vodhin's Invisible entrances, and the other invisible CS by the guy who's name starts with a B (sorry I can't remember, and it's not on the list for some reason...)
  9. ----------- Mk! The park will be up for download after I get a few more replies. Once we get more replies I will release more details and a date!
  10. Digital clock, because I'm lazy. Cedar Fair vs. Six Flags. I'd have to Six Flags on this one. Lately Six Flags has been making some really smart moves. Instead of building two twenty million+ dollar coasters just a few hours apart, Six Flags will build a few coasters across the country that are about half the price and almost as good, and spend a couple million on renovating a ride to make it seem new. Look at Six Flags Over Texas... Texas Giant, I've heard a few mixed reviews about this ride but most say it's just as bad as Mean Streak. Instead of tearing down a ride that once h
  11. Some of the water park Honestly, that yellow slide is my second favorite here. Yes it's supposed to be a kiddie slide but I got some amazing lateral G's. Leaving Great Wolf Lodge we got a neat view of Kings Island Only 47 more days til' it opens! Kings Island trying to peak over the trees GWL from Kings Island drive. Kings Island skyline Bye Kings Island, see you again soon! Wow a Sonic! On our way home we stopped at Quakers Steak & Lube. I don't even like Wings but these were amazing! Thanks for reading this very boring un-indebted trip report, I'm really
  12. Part 2: Top Gun and Son of Beast Top Gun Vortex Aerial view of Kings Island Beast Son of Beast Diamondback Flying Ace's Aerial Chase DROP ZONE Stunt Tower Face/Off My breakfast A random spill...? Raccoon Lagoon & Kings Island Triple Spin Construction
  13. So this weekend me and my cousin Mitchell went to Great Wolf Lodge at Kings Island, his dad (and his girl friend) took us. At about 1PM. we drove over to Mitchell's dad's house. Once we got there, we had to pick up his girl friend which lives about 30 minutes away. We ate at Subway which I do not like. We were on our way, and arrived at 3PM. Once we got to GWL our room wasn't ready so we had to carry our stuff to the water park. I changed in the locker rooms and than went to Alberta Falls (the bowl slide.) This visit was rather busy so the lines were long. Through out the day I rode the blue l
  14. Colts, because it's my home team. Great Wolf Lodge vs. Kalahari
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