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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZMqR5xt1SAI while most of you have seen it by now id like to hear your thought on what might be in swan lake in '09
  2. should be something like a kings island theme with opening day around the corrner
  3. outside of working .... if i got to the back of the park 1st ... beast- how many times before line goes evil, crypt, vortex, fof, racers, delurium, flight deck, sob , invetigo that may go backwards
  4. from the offical kings island site- "an important message from the park due to inclement weather, kings island offices will close at 4pm on friday 3/7 and will remain closed until sunday 3/9. all activities scheduled for saturday 3/8 will be rescheduled."
  5. i can see it now avatar becomes the red barren ((snoopy sits on the ride unit)) i wonder what becomes of scooby cause they change that ride around every ten years or so
  6. drop tower is 315 feet drop ToT whould be about 120-130 however you drop sevral times over in ToT
  7. for me its a "wow shes 18+?"
  8. in the crypt i hope they can have the sounds inside the ride ... last year before it kicked the buket i was on it once and it had no sound but did have the lights on ... it was very different ride like boring
  9. its a great place to work most of the time... until you have girls 4 years yonger than you asking for you number then its bad ... or the rain .... or mad parents .... out side of that its fun
  10. sadly i must go for a bit ill be back in a bit
  11. they dont put sends there any more
  12. forgive my lack of ki history .... what is that today? blues scdoo
  13. west is still bad about that spoata copters and nick jr driveers mabey nick o round if your lucky east you get water maze exit and level 3 on reptar south duel at avatar and at azul and deigo when we had it north you get on the floor and swing along
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