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  1. Same thing happened to me to. I was walking out and right when I got in the car it just started to pour. And I remember going home and it still raining like crazy.
  2. I don't think were talking about Kings Dominion.
  3. My heart goes out to all of those related to the man, its just a shame.
  4. sorry to burts your guyeses bubble but... its gone =[ o well.
  5. Hello everyone, today as I was passing Kings Island. I noticed a bulldozer in the parking lot. Now I have no pictures or any idea what it could be for. I just felt the need to tell you and BRAIN STORM!
  6. IMHO i think that the hyper coaster for 09 is highly possable! But as looks for 08, im starting to think maby just a flat ride will be coming.
  7. Completely agree with that statement. Bright colors just would not go well with the Rivertown theme, and would stick out like a sore thumb. It just wouldn't look good at all. Yeah but you know how CF can be with color schemes though,anyone seen KBF's bommerang lately? Oh & don't forget unlike SF, CF usually doesn't paint the rails on their B&M's. so are u telling me that raptor is made from SNOT!!!! EWW!!! :lol:
  8. This thery of getting a hyper B&M coaster for 09 is starting to make me think that this could be true. The reason I think this is because Kings Dominion and Canda's Wonderland are both getting B&M's this coming year makes me want to think that maby so more will be on its way for more of the Cedar Fair parks. :D
  9. I always thought that kings island has the lack to tell you what we are getting for the next season untill the very last minute. :rolleyes:
  10. Yes but she was not in the house and was acting drunk.
  11. I visited the park last night to get my last night of halloween haunt in for the 2007 season and I fould somthing very offencive. It was so officenve that I complaned. I was in line for the trail of terror with my girl friend and there were to ladys there. 1 was telling them to keep your sholders on the on person in frount of you and all of that stuff. But the other lady was just walking down the lins making crewd coments onto people. She said that i was probably 7 and called my girl friend a lezbain. We were both astonished by this and made a complant to guest relations. - I want to see if any of you have had anything like this happen to you at halloween haunt. I find it a really bad way to say good bye for the saeson but I just wanted to know. -Familyguyfun1
  12. Now I know there has been a lot of different threads on this but I just wanted to see what everyone thinks on this subject. So please lets make this thread last a long time. Personally I think that Kings Island should get something in River town. And bring back the western aspect that this area use to have.
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