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  1. In regard to the three loops i think that they consider a loop similar to the hammerhead turnaround on behemoth, and if we look at the layout of the coaster from the first drop magazine that there are three turnarounds...so i'm goin to assume those are the loops.
  2. The Move slowly sign makes me think that they will theme the ride similar to the Beast's theme that a creature is lurking in the woods.
  3. I'll probably kick myself...but what is RT? I'm going to quess that RT is rivertown
  4. i'm pretty sure the plants are there to stop people from tripping over the footer's bolts
  5. Its all right man, just as long as we're on the same page
  6. There was no rule against custom scenery so i did what i was allowed to do.
  7. Here is my entry...Its a twister roller coaster...Its called Sheriff http://[/img] http://[/img] http://[/img] http://[/img]
  8. Yeah, i still get around to it a times but i have been absolutely slammed with work...i was planning to complete it over christmas but i had to work everyday so i never got around to it...i will finish it eventually
  9. I have one coming too, just got to finish the scenery
  10. personally, i like the coasters at cedar point better than kings island. I like the fact that i can get all the rides i want to ride in a couple of hours over the crazed lines at cedar point. Overall, i prefer cedar point to kings island.
  11. I probably already asked u this but TOPGUN..what is ur record for most guests in a park.
  12. Be ready for GL updates during christmas as i am on break.
  13. Sorry Cleveland but i have not spent any time on it since i'm very busy, and don't worry i'm not bothered by it
  14. Go on the internet and try out the demo version of no limits to see if u like it
  15. i was just about to put that picture on that, but u beat me to it TOPGUN. I really like how this is turning out. I'd say expect an announcement around May 2008 at the earliest. They will try to sell all the passes for 2008 before any announcement for 2009.
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