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  1. Bleh... I don't really care for a dinosaur walk unless they do something special with it.
  2. I vote for an intamin giga
  3. Can I just go ahead and post? a new picture? I've been waiting for awhile, and I know PKI was active on other topics.
  4. http://rcdb.com/3141.htm?p=0 Crystal Wing A.K.A. 水晶神翼 The date gives this away.
  5. Since I'm not up to post... since I always look at this thread too late... I might as well say, that ride is really fun up until the three air hills are done. Very scary drop in the back seat.
  6. It's probably really fun for them... it's frustrating for us
  7. That only makes me wish that 2011 also brings the return of the backwards train.
  8. those are my exact thoughts. im just glad to see KI getting a new flat because they are in desperate need of a new flat and at least its something BIG and eye catching with good capacity. im not complaining. i want to ride this next year. it may not be a big fast coaster but its something ive never ridden before and im always down for that. it reminds me a lot of the old Flight Commander..just how it looks in the animation anyways. is it going where Flight Commander once sat? do you think they will have First Rider tees on opening day? LOL It's not where Flight Commander was, I woul
  9. When I heard a week before I went to Cedar Point, that they were getting a new thrill ride. I was feeling kinda sad that I wouldn't get to ride it, since I never go to parks every year when they are far away. But since Kings Island is getting an identical ride, I don't have to worry :)
  10. Hey I know that swinging high in the sky is probably more fun than it looks... also probably an insane cool off ride. So if people don't want to ride just because they think it's lame... let them leave... that'll just leave shorter lines for me :) Also, the most recent flat ride/ thrill put in was Delirium, and those lines stay around 15 minutes max on an average day. The lines I think were a good hour or two opening week. Do you think the lines for this new ride will be an hour? I sure hope it's not.
  11. What's Zypher? And I hope the lines for this ride won't jam that section of the park. And when they mentioned gary coleman I got excited and confused... He appears to bet a midget just like the celebrity gary too.
  12. I've actually been on the lower one for the first time early this year. I don't know why it's taken this long to actually get the lower deck. It was rainy (sprinkle) that day, and I've been on the lower deck 3 other times, which all of them were nice sunny days. I remember actually watching the fireworks on the lower deck. But really it doesn't really steal anything being on one or the other. The only thing you can't see when you're on the lower deck is the sky, which you can see pretty much anywhere else. I am starting to be unsure of how the park decides which platform will be open, does
  13. Hey all, I have a trip planned for cedar point August 21st, and 22nd, they are on Saturday and Sunday; which I hear are the busiest days for cedar point. Or any park for that matter. I was wondering, to ride all the coasters, and all the worth-while attractions, without rushing, would I need to extend the vacation to three days? I was thinking about it, but then I thought about how it's towards the end of summer, and that some people would need to stay with school schedules and not go to the park every week end. But now I'm unsure of what to do. For those of you that have been there, hopef
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