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  1. I'm confused and don't really see the point of this... I mean, how are they gonna get a plot out of this topic?
  2. I haven't been to the Midway Market, but I do hear that its a decent value. A few other places to go, especially if your going to be staying for multiple days, if the Game Day Grille and Famous Dave's. The Game Day is a nice little sports bar with good food at a decent price, tucked back underneath (literally) Raptor. Its over by the Blue Streak entrance. Famous Dave's is actually outside the park at the marina, but you can just exit at the marina entrance, get a hand stamp, eat, and come back in. Its a great place, fantastic food, and (since its not operated by the park, at least that I know of), the prices aren't ridiculously high. I would strongly suggest getting at least one meal there, as they're someplace you don't want to miss. 2 or 3 days will definitely be enough to get through the park. If you can, try to schedule the trip in the middle of the week (Tues. - Thurs.). That way, at least 2 of the days will be in the "dead" time and could be fairly empty. Just avoid weekends at all costs. I generally start near the back of the park, but with Maverick and STR back there, it'll probably be a little more crowded there than it used to be. If you get ERT, take advantage of that, especially if its looking to be a busy day. Once the park opens, I would try to get Magnum and TTD in first, since they're near each other. Then just work your way around the park and get as many rides as you can in. Then, the next day or two can be spent getting rides that you missed, catching shows, riding some of the flats (maXair and Skyhawk are a must), and getting re-rides in on the others. It shouldn't be too terribly crowded if you avoid weekends. Have fun!
  3. I'm just really confused as to why people are jumping to conclusions before the ride even opens. Can't everyone wait until they actually ride it for themselves to say that its good or bad??
  4. Looks pretty good to me. They could've just replaced everything with cardboard cutouts, but it looks like they actually put in new figures. From what those pics show, I think it looks pretty good.
  5. Can't say this surprises me. Or disappoints me. Next step - take up the pitchforks and torches for the bonfire.
  6. Entered. Prepare to fall to The Intangibles.
  7. The sooner they get rid of the website that relies that heavily on Flash, the better.
  8. I mean, hell, I remember watching the Peanuts cartoons when they were on TV regularly, and I'm only 22. And I still watch them during the holidays when they're on. haha
  9. People really don't keep up with Peanuts anymore, do they? :P Race For Your Life, Charlie Brown centered around a river rafting race down a river, so I can definitely see it fitting the log flume.
  10. I agree, those are some very nice pictures. But I will say that one of them was missing something - so I took the liberty of fixing it: Ahh, much better. :lol: :lol: :chair:
  11. Could be worse. But looking at the webpage, I will say they did a nice job with the ride logos. Especially the shop facades.
  12. I just went ahead and merged the website makeover topics. We'll just keep the makeover updates in one place. If any others come up, go ahead and add it to this thread.
  13. Can't say this surprises me. I think that Chang's relocation was a huge red flag in terms of the park's future. Though I hear the water park is decent, at least given the shape the rides side is in.
  14. Flight Deck slows, and occasionally stops, on the lift due to blocking - its to keep the trains from crashing, so its acceptable. I would, however, like them to do something about the rocking as the train goes up the lift - its not necessarily bad, but it is excessively annoying.
  15. That would be Mammut at Tripsdrill in Germany.
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