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  1. I'm glad Flight of Fear has its trims (never thought I would say that). Joker's Jinx hurts in the final corkscrew because it is going so fast.
  2. Millennium Force gave 1,683,845 rides last season. Why couldn't Diamondback do it?
  3. I don't think this has been mentioned yet but on the Wild Thornberry's instead of the foot pedal to dispatch the boats, there is now a button the ride op presses.
  4. maverick


    ^That is true and shows how great of an indoor ride it is :P
  5. A new CP blog just went up and you can see Demon Drop in the background of some of the pics. http://www.cedarpoint.com/public/fun/blog/index.cfm
  6. The 2009 park map is inside the group guide on page 9. Here's the link where it can be downloaded http://www.cedarpoint.com/public/admission...nning_tools.cfm Demon Drop is still there so I don't think it is going anywhere. Also whenever CP gets rid of a ride, they always make it a big deal. Just look at what they did with White Water Landing.
  7. El Loco's look like a capacity nightmare. KI doesn't need anymore of those.
  8. ^Does that mean the Worksite is not coming back?
  9. How can Diamondback be a choice? I am pretty sure no one has rode it yet :rolleyes:
  10. If this is the same thing I did a few years ago, you perform at schools around the area then go to Kings Island around 1 pm.
  11. If Great Wolf lost it, would KI take it over?
  12. KI trips-7 Beast-10 Vortex-11 Adventure Express-9 Racer Red-5 Racer Blue-1 Invertigo-4 Backlot Stunt Coaster-7 Flight Of Fear-8 Firehawk-6 Son Of Beast-4 Runaway Reptar-0 Fairy Odd Coaster-0 Flight Deck-9 Avatar-2 Delirium-1 DropTower-0 The Crypt-9 Shake Rattle & Roll-1 Scrambler-0 Monster-2 Zepher-2 Dodgem-1 Grand Carousel -1 Viking Fury-3 Sponge Bob 3-D-0 Phantom Flyers-1 P-Plunge-0 Scooby Doo and the haunted castle-1 KI&MVRR-5 Eiffel Tower-0 Congo Falls-5 White Water Canyon-5 Wild Thornberry's River Adventure-3 Extreme Skyflyer-0 SlingShot-0 Thunder Ally-0 Launch Pad-0 Urgent Scare-0 Carnevil-0 Massacre Manor-1 Trail Of Terror-0 Red Beard's Revenge-0 Death Row-0 Club Blood-1 Tombstone Terror-tory-1 Worksite-1 Cornstalkers-1 Cementary -0
  13. Its amazing how much the same haunted attraction can vary from park to park. Cedar Point's Club Blood is so much different. The most noticeable difference is there is very little blood and gore. CornStalkers at CP (now my favorite haunted attraction) is amazing. It was much better than the one at KI and looks better than the one at Dorney.
  14. Yesterday the demond bat dude was moving :insane: . Every few minutes he would open his wings, move his head and growl, and then close his wings.
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