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  1. ^or get your hand stamped, run it out to the car and go back into the park.
  2. You're right, Trail of Terror and Psycho Path were essentially the same. They were located in the same spot and followed the same trail, with some new props and scenes added when it became ToT. Just don't ask me what exactly the differences are, the older I get the more the years just run together!
  3. Thanks for the great TR, GhosterCoaster. I agree with you that early in the evening, Slaughter House is too light. Fortunately this problem doesn't last too long and it gets better as it gets darker in there. As darkness creeps in, it makes it easier for us scareacters in there to pop out at you! :D Sounds like you had a good time overall, and thanks for the fair assessment of everything!
  4. I agree with GoodYellowKoRn's comments above. One thing I think is important is, if you didn't like something, tell us why you didn't like it (or vice versa, if you like something, tell us why). As a scareacter, I'm constantly on the lookout for feedback on my attraction, good or bad. I'm mature enough to realize that not everyone is going to like everything the park does. But one of my pet peeves is people who write TR's and if they don't like something, they just say "it sucked". Tell us why... it's good to get feedback, good and bad. Either way lets us know what works and what doesn't, and we can use that to try to make the experience better for others. We'll forgive the occasional grammar & spelling errors. ;)
  5. ^The rehearsals pretty much start around the same time for everyone. Ours start the 18th.
  6. ^That's the one bad thing about working Haunt. With Halloween on a Friday last year, and on a Saturday this year, that's two years now I won't get to take my daughter around for candy. But we make up for it by going to Howl-O-Fest and any other seasonal events that we can!
  7. As a parent (which no one who has posted so far in this topic seems to be) let me say this: There are plenty of kids out there who know and love Snoopy and the Peanuts gang. My daughter is one of them. Yes they do. Check your tv listings around every holiday. The Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's Day and Easter specials are on every year, and we watch them every time they're on. We recently took a trip to Hersheypark. They don't have any cartoon characters to tie into their rides. What they do have is characters they've created. Did my daughter care that they didn't have Nick or Disney characters? No. She loved the giant Hershey Bar, Kit Kat, Reese Cup, Milk Duds, etc. If KI changes to Planet Snoopy, will there be kids disappointed? I'm sure there will be. But they'll get over it, in most cases probably sooner than the adults. Heck, I'm still upset they replaced the HB characters. Of course, I'm also someone who thought Enchanted Voyage was better when it was all the HB characters, before they changed it to The Smurfs. There's probably not too many on this site that even remember The Smurf's Enchanted Voyage, much less the version before that.
  8. I hope I get to go every weekend too... oh wait, I guess I am since I'm working it! :lol:
  9. I worked HH last year, and it was a lot of fun. I was in Club Blood last year (as The Bouncer), but this year I'll be in the new attraction with Typical Guy. The new one sounds like a lot of fun... just don't ask me about it yet, 'cause I ain't sayin' a word! :P
  10. ^ Yes, those pictures brought a smile to my face! Good joke! B) It's my beloved doorway!!!
  11. Actually, that's not a chicken leg...it's a turkey leg. Just a little difference there. ;)
  12. HH goes on rain or shine...ummm.... I guess that would be moonshine instead of sunshine. The only maze that may close is Trail since it's out in the woods, all others should be unaffected.
  13. Sorry havnt been able to go but definatly going this saturday

  14. Well, Im not sure of our set up is the same as ya'lls but we have different characters in different sections... the only club part is our second section after the allet way. We have 2 bouncers and dancers n there, where I am. Then comes the lair, hospital, etc. I would post the maze pics, but like I said I think it's against the park policy. Are's is all club, we have dancer, people in cages, people spanking people (no joke), a dance floor, one bounder (depends on the night), it make's it feel like a club, a nightclub of sorts. We don't have a hospital in ares, we use Urgent Scare for that. You're almost right. The first section is the alley with assorted lowlifes (and I say that in the nicest possible way 'cause heck, I'm one of 'em) there. Then there's the club, and various scenes throughout it. There was a hospital scene in the Club last year but that's been taken out for this year. I won't give away any more than that for those people who have yet to experience it. And thanks KDFreak for the pics! I've been curious what the other Clubs are like, because of course I won't be able to get to them. I'm too busy harrassing people for their ID's, checking to see if they're on the VIP list, etc in our Club.
  15. TombRaiderFTW and rageofturtles, I'll be there. I'm there every Friday and Saturday night, making sure everyone is cool enough to get in the Club!
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