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  1. Firehawk 35--- Beast 23+++ Face/Off 9 Vortex 61
  2. WOW! That Piraten POV is intense! It looks like there is going to be some ridiculous air time on the 2nd half of that ride. Great job, Intamin!
  3. Firehawk 21--- Beast 21 Top Gun 3 Adventure Express 16 Face/Off 17+++ Vortex 38 Flight of Fear 13
  4. Firehawk 19--- Beast 21 Top Gun 6 Adventure Express 21+++ Face/Off 15 Vortex 35--- Flight of Fear 12
  5. My take... Resurrect King Cobra! :(
  6. ^^Yeah, because Firehawk is basically just an extension of Nickelodeon Universe into the X-Base area........... :huh:
  7. I've waited a long time to say this... GOODBYE, SOB! Racer 6 +++ Firehawk 17 Beast 11 Top Gun 10 Fairly Odd Coaster 10 Adventure Express 16 Son of Beast 0 (ELIMINATED) Little Bill's Giggle Coaster 7 Face/Off 10 Vortex 23 Flight of Fear 11 Rugrats Runaway Reptar 9
  8. But this video is UNCENSORED! Just wait till the part where Medusa BARES ALL!!! :lol: :P
  9. Racer 7 Firehawk 16 Beast 11 Top Gun 10 Fairly Odd Coaster 10 Adventure Express 12 Son of Beast 6--- Little Bill's Giggle Coaster 10 Face/Off 10 Vortex 15+++ Flight of Fear 10 Italian Job Stunt Track 4 Rugrats Runaway Reptar 9
  10. ^lol it sounds almost like a porno (see cover). But hooray for Maverick! It's a great ride.. almost as good as MF ;)
  11. I know what's going on top... A windbreaker so it doesn't fall down again :P
  12. Fantastic pictures/trip report! That sounds like an unbelievable trip! I'm too jealous :)
  13. That really is going to be a massive structure.
  14. Because KI could definitely use some really good new flats :)
  15. There have already been sightings of some of Geauga Lake's kiddie rides at Cedar Point. Look at the second last post here. http://www.pointbuzz.com/cpplace.aspx?mode...p;TopicID=22083
  16. Nothing's certain yet. The press release says it has a twisting hill and a low-to-the-ground S-Turn. That doesn't mean that the hill is going to be an S-Turn like Renegade's. All we know right now is what they've told us. And a few similar parts of a ride mean nothing. If Voyage had a twisting hill, you could almost say the same stats about that too (Other than the lift hill height).
  17. I totally agree on the volcano comments. After the launch through the volcano, that ride is a snoozefest. I expected it to be a lot more thrilling than it really was. And as for HS XLC, I thought that was a fantastic ride when I went, but it was only open for about 10 minutes the day I went. I got really lucky to ride it. So I can see that maintenance issues would drive them to want to get rid of it...
  18. Anyone ridden Superman Ultimate Flight at SFGreat America? The "Pretzel Loop" is probably the most intense inversion I've ever been on. I definitely blacked out at the bottom of the loop due to the high g-forces. But after that the ride is really boring...
  19. I'd like to see KI get a new woodie! Though I always hoped it would be either a Great Coasters or a Gravity Group, i.e. Voyage or Hades. I suppose there's still hope as nothing is final yet. :)
  20. Who cares? It's a NAME. If the name was "Crappy Kings Island," or "Rumpke Dump Island," I might have a problem with it.
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