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  1. Cincinnati's line up of theme park entertainment keeps growing and getting better! Click the link below to learn more! http://news.enquirer.com/apps/pbcs.dll/art.../707070327/1076 http://www.flickr.com/photos/airromeo4ever/ - my awesome theme park pics.
  2. On a much happier note!!!!!!!!!!! I'm soooooooooooooooooo looking forward to the NEW SOB! I can't wait. To the rest of you guys. Dont let one or two ill reports discorage you from giving this giant another chance. Everything isn't for everbody. Even if the SOB is a little rough now, I'm willing to bet money its an ultra improvement from the old SOB! Even without the loop (sigh). Keep in mind there have been dozens of great reports regarding the new SOB on so many other sites besides this one. I think its gone be a hit all over again. Stay Fun Forever http://www.flickr.com/photos/airromeo4ever/ - my awesome photos!
  3. Like padfoot714 said anything loaded with airtime. A nice out and back style giga coaster would be nice! Check Out My Pics! http://www.flickr.com/photos/airromeo4ever/ Thanks!
  4. I'm glad to see things are looking up for the Son Of Beast. I can't wait to ride on my next visit later this summer! Check Out My Pics Everyone! http://www.flickr.com/photos/airromeo4ever/ Thanks!
  5. Okay Here Goes..... Now we have all been on Millennium Force at Cedar Point. How about a out and back style similar to Millennium Force. Stats.... Height - 325 feet Drop - 345 (below grade) Length - 8180 feet Speed - 110 - 115 mph Trains - 3 trains holding 36 passengers each featuring stadium style seating and a onboard soundtrack. Theme - air or space travel Location - X Base Designer - Stengel - Intamin - IntaRide Unique Features... A beyond 90 degree first drop. Several mist filled tunnels. A LSM Lift Launch. Several subterrainian dives. Metalic Themed Trains. Lighting effects on the lifts support structure like Millennium Force. More than a 30 seconds of airtime. A series of back to back sweeping Stengel Dives. A couple exagerated banked turns. This amazing coaster starts in X Base. The turnaround will be near where the parks property meets the Little Miami River. The lift will be a LSM launch like the amazing Maverick! A simple out and back desighn will be highlighted by abrupt moment of airtime, over banked turns, Stengel dives, and dark misty tunnels. A onboard soundtrack blaring heavy metal or some sort of themed flight or space music. The station will be completely indoors like Flight Of Fear. The train will travel up the lift hill at 40 mph, but will slow down to only 10 mph going over the lift. Allowing a nice view of the Miami Valley, Mason, and the surrounding area. This MUST be a INTAMIN CREATION. B&M will only harness the power of a ride like this with there constant and annoying trim breaks. Coasters like Apollos's Chariot and Nitro are laced with them. It makes these coasters rather forceless. Now this will be a very very expensive roller coaster, but It can be done. Lets hope someone sees my idea. I will be the first in line. Hey guys feel free to add to or variate my idea. Im dying to see what ya'll think. Intamin Forever!
  6. Well Borg actually has no on ride photo system. When Batwing at Six Flags America first opened it had one. Your picture was taken during the down hill helix towards the end of the ride. The camera was on the ground and snapped as you passed over it. They have sinced stop taking pictures on Batwing. The camera may be in the same spot on "Firehawk" seeing as how both Batwing and Firehawk are identical rides.
  7. WoW man, have fun, and drive safely. If you have time check out "Concord Mill's" its NC largest mall, and a very nice one. A Nascar Speed Park is there, part of it is indoors. Anywho have fun, and ride Top Gun for me! :P www.concordmills.com
  8. It also looks like they are reinstalling the parks Intamin Looping Ship. It used to be called "Frenzoid", looks like the new name is going to be "Southern Star'! It was removed after the 2005 season to make room for the Boomerang Bay expansion. Im glad it's returning! :)
  9. This Just In From The Cincinnati Enquirer! http://news.enquirer.com/apps/pbcs.dll/art...EWS01/301240036 Airromeo4ever 2007
  10. This is what I heard. The park removed the antenna from The Eiffel Tower so that The Drop Zone could take the title as being the tallest ride in the park. I was told this from a elevator attendent on the ride in summer of 2004.
  11. Awesome, the kids and their parents are gonna love the new Nick Universe! This has to be the most important expansion PKI has ever done. I can't wait to hear the ultra succesfull outcome.
  12. That is an amazing photo. I would love to take a pic like that!
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