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  1. That was like that on Friday the 21st last week. The same is true for the exit.
  2. ^I read that more as Mantis will not be going anywhere...
  3. It still is a massive amount of wood! And even if it is in a valley, it still looks really tall.
  4. I'm now kicking myself for not sticking around for the Ride Warriors tour back in May. What was I thinking?!
  5. ^It is a possibility, but I doubt it would happen. Because it would require a new CEO and new management, since the current team is the one that lead Cedar Fair into debt. As for Six Flags, I think the tittle they gave this is true. Especially with one debt holder not even talking to them. I look forward to Six Flags coming out a winner.
  6. I think this last paragraph is very defining of who she is. She is a young girl with here life before here, and she isn't going to let this get in the way of her dreams. Hats off, three cheers, and may your wishes and dreams come true.
  7. http://www.geering-engineering.com/index.p...amp;Language=en So this was why Crypt was down so much last year? Was this after or before Cedar Fair started changing the theming and or ride program? Is this new program the curent 2 flip program or the older 8 flip program? Was this re-program done 07-08 winter, 08 sumer, or 08-09 winter?
  8. Sorry, but that is Kings Island's. Just look at the KD's version...
  9. I don't think this is true. I was under the impression that you must have a Gold or Platinum pass to get the ERT.
  10. Well, it's just in front of the whole Diamondback area, so it kind of fits. It just looks so Christmasy to me...
  11. Wow... guess i never thought about the DB splashdown area... That is why there are 2 to 1 tall fences/fence around the splash down. Not to mention a third one in the pond its self if they ever want to run Diamondback with out water...
  12. When did this show up here and are these the Christmas ones or are they normal?
  13. ^ That discovery on the ERT was Awesome! We had such a blast in that row! It was like floating through half of the ride or being shoved as far down in you seat as you could go! I can't wait for my June 1st trip!
  14. Between row 5 and 10 it is an air time monster! I'm starting to think that row 8 is the sweet spot. Though who could go wrong with row 16 and being whipped over the lift hill. I have yet to ride row 1, but row 2 is close and fun.
  15. In 08 and I think 07 (correct me on 07 if I'm wrong) the park has closed at 10pm. It was only open till 1am during Haunt.
  16. Our now awesome Diamondback last July.
  17. I wish I could go, but it looks like I'll have to hold Cedar Point off till next year. Maybe I'll be lucky and get it in latter this year.
  18. I concur with TY. BTW. What camera where you using?
  19. ^Stop! Your making very hungry, and I don't have to money to go down to IHOP an get waffles! <_<
  20. So, did I miss a memo?! When did KIE get added to as an official club for Ride Warriors? See here: http://www.visitkingsisland.com/events/eve...46&ec_id=15 I'm not complaining, but I wouldn't have spent the money on another club if I would have known... As a second note. Who is going?! I for one am.
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