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  1. Wisconsin- lameness capitol of the world.

  2. Can't wait too see you at Hershey!

  3. Why not paint the track red and name it Red Baron?
  4. FireHawk 25 Vortex 19 Top Gun 21 Adventure Express 31 Son of Beast 26
  5. i agree. they really needed to upadate that ;)
  6. Out of any Cedar Fair Park, what would be your favorite roller coaster
  7. I know everest is amazing, but i meant like thunder mountain railroad,and i like disney, just can you imagine a pretty pink castle taking the place of eiffel tower(sp), one word, EWW!
  8. NO and for many reasons 1. disney characters? =[--- 2. the park would be packed whenever you go no matter if its even on a weekday 3. every year their new attraction would be like a new show or something like that, not some amazing ride, it seems like this year was the only exception 4. coaster count for ALL of the parks would go way down remember these are just my opinions so feel free to comment
  9. welcome to KIE michael!

  10. that would be awesome! I love heights! imagine, your at the top of an awesome monument and then, boom! all the lights go out and your stuck at the top,sure that would be scary at first, i think that would be awesome! :D
  11. I heard from someone that International Street opens Earlier than the rest of the park, is this true? Thanks, sonofbeast2013
  12. i highly doubt next year, but maybe in 09-10
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