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  1. i'm not sure how i feel yet. theming was dying then but i think it would have been dying with anyone really (though lacking the ability to theme rides to movies [*cough* top gun] sure put a dent in that anyway)....i really wish international street wasnt turning into 'cincinnati food court and scooby store'...that really hurts...and not using the back porch stage (though with the construction this year they have an excuse) anymore hurts rivertown a little more than it already has been hurting...i could go on but i wont....
  2. ugh i so want to go to this. i have wanted to go for a few years now but i'm always like all the way across the country at the time. but now that i AM in town at the time, i might not be able to go for another reason >.< i just cant win!!!! oh well, might as well give it a shot, right? *crosses fingers and PRAYS*
  3. so much for that idea, huh....at least the big stuff waited till after hours...
  4. i would have loved to go through those. those and the one they had in Phantom Theatre that one time....those i think are the only ones i was unfortunate enough to miss. so where exactly is/was the enchanted theatre? i never got to go down there when they had that scooby show...
  5. yeah but Superstition probably wouldnt have been much better without the glitch lol (there just arent very many good Fearfest sims...)
  6. yeah then you have the individual attraction sponsor peoples...like gillette (*cant spell*) with Top Gun and Toyota (again) for Paramount Theatre.....any other ones that i missed? (*wondering if there are any for Days of Thunder or something*)
  7. nope. i was clear over in Nick U working west pie...hearing the theme song all day...which i still do, it had nothing to do with the "special"-ness of the day
  8. so i just have to luck out and hope im off that specific day??....sorry but that sucks. *pouts* im never gonna get to do these things :(
  9. okay is this recreation in plain ol RCT3 or r expansions needed?
  10. ill probably be there one of those days. either working or not lol. man, i hope they DO paint both sides of that thing....otherwise the Nick U North peoples will have a lovely eyesore white board to see. lol
  11. fender bender, those were the little cars the kids could drive, right? i think (emphasis THINK)...in fact im pretty sure they are the Nick Jr. Drivers.
  12. can employees attend? (yes stupid question but want to make sure *feels stupid now*)
  13. now if we could JUST say the same thing about Americana/Lesourdsville Lake.... *sigh* i know it was a bit of a junker, but some of the rides there were the type that you cant ride anymore around here these days unless you go to a fair (where who knows what rules and regulations and such they arent following or when the last maint. check was)..... but i guess its hard for a dinky park to stay open with kings island only like an hour away lol (not to mention the better bang for yer buck)
  14. RCT does have lag issues....takes so much memory or whatever i guess....if your camera is aimed at a populated, motion-filled area, its slow as a snail in molasses, but if you move to an area with less to nothing in it, its fine (of course *rolls eyes*)... and yeah the glass blower is waaaaaaaaaaay down toward starbucks and the tower....and as for keyhole, i cant remember it being there but i guess it is (*doesnt really pay attention till at least girlspace or larosas*) cuz i only know of 2 (right down by the tower on the left side of I.S. and first thing on the left after you get past the
  15. amen, preach it! lol...last time PKI talked about adding more shade was Boomerang Bay.....i dont remember enough of Water Works to compare them, but it still wasnt much (what they NEED is to do something about those stairs to that family raft ride *forgets the name* >.< owie)....so who knows.... as for theming, i hope there's plenty, especially around the Fairly OddCoaster. hehe *imagines a recording of cosmo's voice like the one of Scooby they used to have for the Scooby Zoom* ^_^
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