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  1. Yes, lets give every ride to KI... Because a B&M Hyper coaster isnt good enough.
  2. Such a stupid ides Six Flags.. Way to waste money that could have been spent on a -new- ride on this crap.
  3. CanobieFan


    We dont care that you love it.
  4. Meh.. Been on 5 of them (SROS,Col,Ka,Mav,GeForce) and none are really "scary".. but I guess ka could be seen as 'intimidating' of the 5 I've been on.. none ever made me think twice and I've been on all 5 in the front row and more than once..... meh
  5. Uh.. the point was the coaster had been in Ohio for what 6 years? Its not my fault the dumbass didnt know that.
  6. Dont blame me for a stupid comment made by a different member......
  7. Because i'm the only one who knew about Six Flags Ohio?
  8. Only it came BEFORE WT.. And also doesnt have a twisted back spike.. And also holds the train on the back spike the second time the train goes up it. But maybe had you gone to GL and not just KI and CP.. you would have ridden it before.
  9. I have been to Holiday World, Kings Island, Cedar Point, Hershey Park, SFKK, and SFStl..... IN Beach is better than all of them.. But is on par with Hershey. SFStl is a dump.. and one of the worst parks I have ever been to (and I've been to over 100 parks...)
  10. CF/Para parks I have been to - PKD,PC,PKI,PCW,CP,GL,MIAdv, and DP.... PKD is the only one I like... PCW I might have liked if I didnt have to rush to ride 13 of its coasters and 5 flats in a day with a 4 hour drive to and from the park to my friends house in NY.....
  11. Did mine before Don even knew it was out yet.. that makes me a better person.
  12. and you post at a fansite why exactly? Its fun to piss off the fanboys :)
  13. Its just an update of the old SS coaster cars.... Also its the same lapbar/OTSR Combo as seen on the S&S Sky Swatter and Sky Slings.
  14. O rly? One of the largest ride investments in Indiana Beach’s history, Steel Hawg will be located on the north side of the park near the popular Hoosier Hurricane and Rocky’s Rapids Log Flume rides. Steel Hawg is scheduled to deliver its unique coaster experience in mid-May.
  15. As if they havent used that line for the last 50 years or anything..... Oh.. And IN Beach is the [system Edit].
  16. Eh... its old.. And has been all over Youtube... Its also not funny Unless you see it in real life
  17. But when they see the same "banned" person posting nonstop wouldnt you think different? Oh shoot.. Klockster! I had heard you died.. Got Intamin'd or something.
  18. You fail in 2 ways.. 1. Not liking a ride at Cedar Point has nothing to do with the fact I dont like Kings Island! 2. For the 9000th time.. I AM NOT BANNED FROM THIS SITE! If I was how could I keep posting? :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
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