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  1. That looks like one of the Orlando city buses.
  2. The ride was deemed safe. Open the darn thing! Even though it is not my favorite coaster experience in the park, it DOES have the second best drop in the park. I would like to ride it one more time before I more permanently to Florida.
  3. You know, when you fly a kite and it gets stuck in a tree. oh well, it isn't like i will be there much. You all know where I will be.
  4. the dive to the river was just EPIC! The last car nearly hits the support as it comes around the corner.
  5. Out of the 3 suspended coasters I have been on BBW is by far the best.
  6. Keiko was NOT ready to be released. They ran out of money and released him to early... "he showed up in Norway begging boaters for food. He was not healthy and died of pneumonia." So releasing the whale did more harm than good. For those of you who are for the animal being released, think about what happened to Keiko.
  7. Shows at SeaWorld parks resume on 2-27-2010. trainers will not enter the water until further notice.
  8. From my understanding, most of the animals are indeed either rescued or a result of the breeding program they have. Tilikum in apart of that breeding program. He will not be released into the wild. Now, What I think needs to happen. I think SWO should build a large tank that can house the retired whales. There is not an efficient viewing area to just go sit and look at them like they have for dolphin viewing. It should be attached to the stadium pools so moving the animals will be easier and less stressful than crane lifting. I believe the whale was either being playful, or was excited by the food. The woman was too close to the whale, and should have had her hair tied up better. However, I think it really was an accident. The whale had no idea he was hurting the woman. One thing you have to remember when dealing with animals in captivity, when things go wrong, it is NEVER the animals fault.
  9. ^Agreed! The Suspended trains and a paint job would bring new life to the ride. Can promote it with something like "a classic gets a modern twist" or something to that effect.
  10. I think this is going to be a great coaster just like Diamondback. I can't wait to ride it!
  11. Flashback Totally 80's is leaving! That sucks! It is by far the best show I've seen Kings Island put on.
  12. I don't watch "Lost", so I will put it like this... A: Lost Season 1 vs Season 5 B: Jim Carrey as The Grinch vs Jim Carrey as Scrooge Personally I think both characters sound the same. I go with the Grinch. I grew up with that story more than the other. I can also do his voice in the film. You can't really beat Jim's version of "You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch", can you?
  13. I am leaving in the morning and heading to Florida... will be there until April. (I will be back for KI opening day.) I plan to visit BGT at some point. I will post pics. They appear similar to what was seen at KI for Diamondback construction. I know for a fact that Edge Of Africa (EOA) will be connected to Nairobi somewhere near Rhino Rally. There is a lot of talk about the old monorail station being converted to house a coaster station. The horses will be removed, if not already. Will post more as I know it.
  14. Marker flags have been spotted at Busch Gardens. Could this be a new ride coming? Or perhaps just a new walkway? http://www.bgtguide.com/media/markers/marker_1.htm
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