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  1. actually, it goes against the whole theme of the ride. its all about an untamed experience, gettling rattled around in the woods. not saying it should be rough (although i like how rough it is, its just right for me) but that if they were to put timberliners in, not only would MANY people be (rightly) upset, i feel that it would just be some smooth Woodie that happens to stroll through the woods. it wouldn't make its signature screeching, plus it would be super light and probably wouldnt give anywhere near the same ride... im pretty curious about the new timberliner trains being put on voyage, but in all honesty id be pissed even on voyage that they got them, i just feel its a new copout that many parks will use and most great woodies will be neutered because of these trains...
  2. not really, from what i can remember it takes just a few weeks to get the hours in required for the state...
  3. but the kings island one was on their facebook fan page. whats up with that?
  4. I thought the very same thing. at least they finally put a date down for it, with it scheduled to go live right around opening, according to their 5@5 question about it...
  5. You would be correct, but the link or placeholder is still there and fully active. There is just no actual link from their website currently anymore... see here.
  6. they answered a question about the website on kings islands facebook page 5@5 box and said that the website is still in the works and that it wont be done for a least a little while longer. i wouldnt expect till maybe right before the season opens, if then...
  7. Yes, you have to get it processed. also, on opening day it will take anywhere from 30 mins to 3 hours to get it processed, i would do so beforehand at one of the early processing times, like the post above mentioned...
  8. :rolleyes: when you get that, if you add /default.aspx to the end of it it works. I have no idea why this problem occurs...
  9. and this is why this should have never gone to trial...
  10. not only was the limit ten, the passholder didnt have to be there and it said print as many as you need so the limit was theoretically endless... it was basically a get 10 people in the park free coupon. lol that being siad it wont be that crowded, but i wouldnt expect an empty day because of it (like yesterday during the day was...)
  11. they did take down your name, asked how you were getting in the park, and got your phone number. when we get there, we pick up a voucher to use at guest services.
  12. Thats the problem i have with that. They arent closed because of the weather, but because they wont make money. They care about their employees but to an extent. I would be More than surprised if they closed tomorrow even with the bleak weather. It wasnt about safety, or preventing illness, it was all about the money. And i wouldnt count on kings island to put ANY money they get into fixing the Crypt.
  13. thats the thing the chance of rain is between 10-30 percent. right now it just is cloudy and has been that way for more than a while... thats why i question why they closed the park tonight.
  14. but yet tomorrow has a worse forecast, but it will be open. they wouldnt break even tonight, but that doesnt mean they should just cancel it. They arent even doing anything because of it. its just oh sorry we will close the park when we so choose. NOT GOOD BUSINESS.
  15. yeah. they never even gave them a chance. tonights chance for rain is quite low in the evening. Its like they were hoping for even that chance so they could pull the plug.
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