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  1. My family and I ALWAYS eat at Larosa's in Rivertown every time we go to KI. I absolutely love their pizza! We want to try something different but aren't sure what else is good. What are some other places in the park that have good food? I have heard that the chicken tenders at Bubba Gumps are really good but we have never been able to break away from Larosa's!
  2. According to my friend in rides, the KI maintenance people have inspected Drop Zone and have cleared it for operation. Now they are just waiting for INTAMIN to give the word to reopen it. I was hoping it would be back up tomorrow when I go but I doubt it will.
  3. I think he used to work at either the Vortex or The Beast.
  4. Does anyone know a Nick Felty that used to work at Kings Island? I was just wondering because I went to school with him and haven't seen him in years. I wasn't sure if he was still working there or not.
  5. Okay I got it goin now. Thanks TRex!
  6. Hey how do I get a pic to show up under my user name? We put a pic of the Beast on there and it shows that it is our profile pic but it still won't show up on the main page under our name. Oh and how do you get those little dancing icons on there too?
  7. Is the worst part when they shoot you up in the air at the beginning?
  8. So, it doesn't jerk your neck or anything? It looks like it would when it comes back down.
  9. Can anyone tell me about Slingshot? I am thinking of getting on it for the first time when I go next week. Does it make you sick?
  10. A friend of my brother's who actually works at Cedar Point told him.
  11. Has anyone heard about a thrill ride coming to KI in 2008 called "Black Rusty?" I heard it was supposed to be kind of like King Cobra.
  12. weloveki07


    My family and I are going to KI on July 9th and are anxious to ride Firehawk. Could someone tell me about the ride? We love thrill rides and were wondering how it compares with the other thrill rides in the park.
  13. Is Monday a good day to go to KI?? My family is planning on going on July 9th.
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