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  1. I mean an animation that shows any themeing if any. Also one that shows what the area ill look like now and how Firehawk fits in its surroundings. -Jake
  2. I guess we will figure it our at the announcement later on today. I hope more stuff will be released such as images or videos. I also would like to know other general improvements. It also seems from what I have read on forums that we may get another flat. -Jake
  3. Is there going to be more released? -Jake
  4. I was spelling it Firehawk and it was bloking it. Others were posting it Fire Hawk and it wasn't blocking it. Jake
  5. Apparently it depends on how you spell *System Edit: Name Blocked*. Others have posted *System Edit: Name Blocked* but theres is spelt differntly then how I am spelling it. -Jake
  6. If it is blocking the name then it is obviously not going to be called *System Edit: Name Blocked*. Or they are trying to trick us. -Jake
  7. That Beast QTV made me wonder, is QTV returning this year or not. -Jake
  8. Most people here in Kentucky go to Kings Island cause it is known that SFKK sucks. -Jake
  9. I know during Halloweekends at Cedar Point, Cedar Point doesn't open untill 12pm! -Jake
  10. With everyone talking about PT could someone going in order and tell what the story was and what each scene was and did. Thank You, Jake
  11. In 2003 I got a little pumpkin at there and I had it in my room and it stayed good till spring. It didn't rot or anything, it just laster for a long time. -Jaek
  12. I just want to know when it will be announced!? -Jake
  13. I figured both of those parks woul be getting Bomerang Bay minus the CD part for next year. I wonder what will be getting? -Jake
  14. Six Flags this spring had the screamin' Delta Demon and other irdes that are stored outside in Old Indiana up for sale. Also thier are a ton of Togo rides in Japan that are still running. So maybe Togo is still running, maybe there american office closed. -Jake
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