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  1. I sure do like that van.
  2. Ugh. He's is still here...
  3. ^ Does the Knott's family have something against Cedar Fair. I read something about the family once on the "merge" and Mr. Knott did not seem very pleased...
  4. Great PTR! Look at Flight Deck and its ultra sexy paint job!
  5. ^^ Flight Deck will always slow down on the lift hill. Unless only running one train. It has to slow down because the second train has not cleared the block yet.
  6. ^ Unless the ride cost to much to upkeep, it's not going anywhere. *Doubt is spelled with a 'b' not 'p' just thought, I would let you know. On a side note I see you are new to KIE soooo... WELCOME!
  7. Flight Deck... by far one of the worst CF names. This classic coaster is one of my favorite. I think the ride has a lot of potential. CF has a lot of fog machines (Halloween anyone) and some grey and blue paint somewhere. I hope... I just wish Kings Island would paint this coaster, its a great ride why dont't they treat it like one.
  8. http://nopromiseofsafety.com/disclaimer/ The photos are photoshopped.
  9. I love CGA! It's a fun little park. I think it deseraves to fight back.
  10. ^ I have been waiting for someone to say something "smart" in a forum at this other site. THANK YOU! :) I was geting really tired of people saying CF was starting a ride rotation prigram it is two. I am talking TWO flats they are moving.
  11. I didn't see a chicken there, but I think I might of seen a chicken there sometime this summer. Hopefully DZ opens soon, I hated not being able to ride it yesterday! Last week "Drop Tower" and I had a little problem we got stuck in the yellow. And while they were testing it got stuck all the way at the bottom. And they closed it for the night and since then it has been closed. During school (I go to KHS) you can see the catch car go down and get stuck for a hour or so.
  12. CedarFair! They keep it cleaner. They also run the park better, but the con is they love to play favorites. DB vs. Behemoth
  13. Knotts Scary Farm compared to Kings Island's Halloween Haunt. Well in my opinion KI's Haunt just sucks. I've been to both. And Knotts Blows our Haunt away. Knotts Haunt is so amazing they hire over 1,000 monsters for this event.
  14. That's not really a option when the ride operator keeps telling you to stand up srait over and over again... *Cough* Mantis Lady.
  15. http://carowinds.com/events/event_detail.c...46&ec_id=11 ^ I am not sure if this has been posted I searched and nothing came up.
  16. As you can see, ACF has launched its website. This is the first of the four sites going to be launched. Leave a comment on a blog or e-mail. We love to here the feedback. Hope everyone has a nice day! Cameron E. Technical Editor for Wonder Thrills Entertainment http://adventurecoveflorida.weebly.com/ wonderthrillsentertainment@gmail.com ---------------------------------- Some of this makes no sence but it will. ---------------------------------- I will edit and control the websites. Questions or comments? I like the feeback.
  17. I like orange. I think it fits KI. Maybe thats just me?
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