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  1. The one time i went to holiday world about 10 years ago, they had tanks like you are talking about but they had tires and you drove them around a caged concrete slab. people could shoot water guns and balls at you and you could shoot balls at the fence around the cage where people where standing and at other tanks. I was a blast. Also. at disneyworld in the imagnation park they have a buzz lightyear thing that is kinda like this. I sorta remember KI having the boats but i was very young.
  2. Since so many people talk about taking out Top Gun I have a new idea for a fighter jet roller coaster. The theming would start with an aircraft carrier like TG used to be but it would have a runway where the ride would load and unload. it would still be suspended but instead of a lift hill LIM would be used to feel like a launch from a carrier. the atleast two more lims to accelerate the train to give the effect of afterburners kicking in. the launch would start out straight the up and bank hard right or left. I wouldn't use loops but tight and fast corkscrews. this would keep the tradition of TG but add length and elements to a fighter jet themed ride that TG is missing. Are there any suspended LIM coasters? What do you all think?
  3. I didn't think so but you are disoriented when you are in there that its hard to tell
  4. when you go into the final building in the dark, you don't go upside down do you? I looked on rcdb to see if there were pics of the layout and I couldn't find any.
  5. And which part of the track failed when the accident occured? The final helix?
  6. I had heard once that during the construction of SOB that part of the structure colapsed causing RCCA to be removed from the project. Is there any truth to this and if so, what part colasped?
  7. Are you sure that you rode the same ride that most of us has riden? SOB is horrible especially at the new part of the track and the final helix. All of the ride is rought. Its sad that the racer feels smoother then SOB. I will not be riding it again.
  8. The blue train got stuck at the bottom of the chain lift. It broke down again later but I don't know why.
  9. I would like to see a TTD type ride. That looks like it would be fun! My friends and my wife and I are thinking about going to CP next year for two days to check that park out and I will want to try that out.
  10. I wouldn't think that we would get another coaster for atleast two years since they have tossed money on the SOB and firehawk in one season. As a side question, anyone know how much land is undeveloped and would be able to be used to build another coaster?
  11. I had to plug my ears cause the lift chain is right in your ears. But other then that it is a great riding experience! I loved it and I will ride it again. And as a note, if anyone has extremely long hair they will ask your to put it up. One woman had hair down to her waist and they made her put it up before they would let her ride.
  12. You weren't one of the unfortunate ones to get stuck on saturday were you?
  13. Yeah if I had a dollar for everytime I have rode the beast I could buy the park. BTW I rode firehawk late in the day. The line was two hours everytime I stopped by it throughout the day.
  14. Someone would have to have a large chunk of change. :)
  15. That was the first time riding SOB so I wasn't aware. I would think that they would remove them.
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