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  1. ^ Thank you BandGuy. All I wanted was someone to agree with me & not put me down. Other people are getting a little too much into this topic. If the there is not enough light over there in BB, then we have these things called lights & they make things brighter.
  2. They could also turn the walkway to Boomerang Bay into a ScareZone, somewhate like Cedar Point's CarnEvil? Also, like do the little things, like, tons of fog machines, black lights EVERYWHERE to give a crazy look to it.
  3. Sorry if this has been posted before, I haven't been on here in a while How crazy would it be if Kings Island turned parts of Boomerang Ba, if not all, into Halloween Haunt, to make it bigger? Imagine all the things they could do over there: Turn the lazy river into a new & improved CornStalkers. I'm sure it'll be much better than behind Congo. Turn the wave pool into some sort of crazy maze, with the slanted floor. Tall walls, strobe lights, fog. I'm sure there are lots more ideas. You guys think this is a good idea?? Write down some of your ideas.
  4. Here's my prediction. Ok, I think think that Diamondback will actually break records this coming season when it comes to number of riders on it. Here's my logic: I think that last year, alot of coaster enthusiasts like ourselves were a majority of riders last year. And when we wear our Diamondback shirts out in public, people tend to ask us, "Hey was that ride fun", "I'm going to ride it next year, it looks fun". At least, I've been getting that alot. Then they are going to go ride Diamondback and tell all of THEIR friends and random people. See where I'm going with this??
  5. My friend and I were discussing stuff about possible Halloween Haunt attractions for the future. And he brought up that they could just turn Boomerang Bay into a Halloween Haunt area? Since it's closed during this time, you know. Ideas: - Turn wave pool into maze of some sort. - Make the lazy river a maze of some sort also (Maybe cornstalkers?) That's my ideas I just came up with. How about you guys?? - You like like the idea? - Like my maze ideas?? - Give me your thoughts. - Adam.
  6. Yet again, Cedar Fair decides to put red track and yellow supports
  7. No. It's a state law to carry cameras on roller coasters here at KI.
  8. This happened once before on September 2, 2001. It sucks that the Intamins are having trouble this year.
  9. Kings Island panoramics only! I took this opening weekend.
  10. No video, unfortunatly. I only had my iPhone, and it sadly doesn't take video. It's a blast up there.
  11. AS many of you guys are aware, Cedar Point's opening day was this past weekend and of course I went to it. I left about 5am to head up there. It was a cold, windy day. Brr. And to top it off, it must have been "Intamin's Don't Work Day". Top Thrill kept rolling back all day. Millennium Force kept running empty trains. Wicked Twister wasn't functioning right. The only Intamin running right was Maverick. But anywho, here's a few pics I took that I'd like to show you guys. Power Tower: Space Launch, which is amazing!! Wicked Twister: Very photogenic! Best pic of
  12. I had an absolute blast Saturday! I rode DB a total of 30 times yesterday, bringing my total to 41 times. :) Anyways, here's some pics that I took yesterday. (Ps, not the best pics) Beast's drop. Diamondback coming into splashdown. Diamondback going through splashdown. Again, Diamondback going through splashdown. Yet again, Diamondback going through splashdown. And of course, my ride photo. (Blue shirt, back seat)
  13. I've often thought to myself, what if they made a hyper mega floorless. Just imagine how far up your legs would go on DB's hills!
  14. Already downloaded the video to my iPhone. =D
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