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  1. I heard they settled and the rides will remain http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewt...=871916#p871916
  2. According to mapquest just barely short of 9 hours, at 8 hours and 57 minutes.
  3. Just because it not on the map does not mean SOB is being torn down.
  4. Will it be better than Millennium Force? http://www.myfoxdc.com/dpp/mornings/...ominion-040110 3 videos here, one after another 1st is an interview with a spokesman in victory lane 2nd they interview Kerry and Taylor Earnhardt 3rd they all ride Intimidator 305. Another video http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewt...=876409#p876409 Lol craps MF all over CP.
  5. Didn't Don Helbig say when D-back was testing that they would move the D-back webcam to show different areas of the park?
  6. A friend of mine on Saturday took pictures of Americana just because he was bored and lives down the road from there. He showed me a picture of grass growing over Screechin Eagle and it almost made me cry. In all the pics I could go back to a memory of the park and to see it in such despair was terrible. I do hope someone can buy it and get everything back operational
  7. The injured officer brother is a member of this site
  8. i do not know full details, I heard a KI police office had a broken jaw, few people injured/arrested. AND THIS IS JUST A RUMOR. Maybe a weapon was involved, but most likely not. It sad this happened in front of kids
  9. thanks rcfreak339. Pilgrims Plunge is massive to the eye and looks cool standing almost as tall as The Voyage. Also in Pilgrims Plunge station they have a fan from Big A-- Fans in Lexington, KY, yes they company name is Big A-- Fans. If you never seen their fans they look like this http://leedblogger.com/wp-content/uploads/...orange-peel.jpg
  10. Your not the only one, I just think it funny KI did the same thing last year and no one said anything
  11. Wow I just love the "They removed the sign so they are tearing it down" excuse. They did this last year as well and guess what the ride made a return. In fact they ran the ride without the letters in the box. They removed the sign so they could have a sign for club blood. No big deal really.
  12. http://www.journal-news.com/news/hamilton-...owComments=true Sounds like fun
  13. I just went to HW on sunday here my TR Ok so on sunday I went on a Voyage to search for a Legend of an Raven. I found myself in the middle of nowhere in Indiana, I look up and I see I felt obligated to continue this voyage and found some pilgrims plunging into a pool As we continued into this Holiday World for FREE a Raven flew by me and caught my attention. It was carrying this sign As I waited for the rest of my family with the free tickets to show up I watched this Raven take a few flights. As I saw the family coming I saw a sign that said "The Voyage and Legend will open late. This scared me that I would not get a chance to ride them. So when we walked in at 10:30 and already close to 85 degrees already, but we went straight to a Oasis. Raven, we waited 25 minutes. This would be the longest wait for a coaster all day. As I stood in the lines I noticed the first of only a couple cons of Holiday World. Those turnaround ques are very very small. I am 5'9 145 pounds and still felt it was a tight space. As I watched Raven fly through the woods I got more excited. We finally get into the station and take our line in the back of the train. Absolutly excellent ride. This was a great way to get me excited for the rest of the day. As we got off Raven I looked up and saw The Legend climbing up the hill with people. So as you can guess I had to go do it. I waited 10 minutes for the ride. Now as I stood in line I still was saying SOB and Beast were #1 and #2 woodies in my eyes. As I stood in line someone was talking about the double helix on this coaster. I got really thrilled about this, Beast and SOB both have great double helixes so I was looking forward to this one. After getting off The Legend I had a new #1 coaster. I was speechless on how smooth the double helix was, plus flying by Splashin Safari was amazing. After The Legend and a few games, it was time to eat lunch. We met the other members of our group who went only for Splashin Safari. and ate at Safari Pizza. Overall the food was good, I was hungry but as I started eating Voyage started testing for the first time. SO I knew not to eat to much and just stay hungry. When we were done eating Voyage still had yet to open so I went and did Liberty Launch. I like Liberty Launch more than Power Tower at CP. Yes PT is higher but it too high for significant airtime. LL is shorter and gets amazing Airtime all throughout the ride. As I got off Liberty Launch I noticed Voyage was now open. Yep it was time to meet the "#1 Wooden Coaster". I was skeptical, I will admit that. SOB is a great wooden coaster, The Legend was an amazing wooden coaster. Could it really get better? Well 5 minutes after entering the queue I was on The Voyage. Yep the Voyage IS THE #1 WOODEN COASTER. IMO The Voyage is THE best coaster ever. Amazing how jerky the rode is and yet I would not consider it rough. And that triple dip tunnel=epic success. Airtime on a wooden coaster will make it a winner. O and yeah let not forget about the three 90 degrees banking turns. After my Voyage I had to make the Pilgrimage to the ultimate Plunge. We waited 30 minutes for Pilgrims Plunge and was well worth it. I like how the boat never really stops in the station. You load and unload the boat while it moves, that is cool and a way to improve capacity. Also yes there no scenery on the way to the elevator, but who needs scenery every where? As I approached the 165 foot elevator lift, I had my dad check the water temp, he said it would feel good. We started to get lifted up and i felt the boat tilt a little bit. Yep at that moment I was just a little scared. We safely made the platform and started to plunge. Hit the splashdown and got drenched on a 93 degree day. Yep it was a great ride. So now I had done all the "big" rides at Holiday World, now it was time to have more fun. I had seen a round up ride in Fourth of July and I just had to. So I went and did Revolution and walked off with a really sore neck, but I rode through the pain and healed quickly. After my ride on Revolution, I needed my second trips on Voyage and Legend. After the second rides on those great rides I decided to do Freightful Falls. This log flume has great potential with that pitch black tunnel, but falls short by not having any surprises on the tunnel. Since it was close and a walk on I did Raven one more time. Part of the group was at Kringles Kafe. Well they were waiting for the rest of the group and since I knew them I had time for one more ride on Voyage. So I took advantage of the situation and got my third ride on the best coaster. I also had to buy a HW t shirt. All in all I love Holiday World. Yes it a small park, but it has everything KI does not. A lot that KI use to have, ie Antique Cars, Flying Eagles. Well worth the admission price. Here a few pics Thanks for reading Even if you do not have a discount it is worth the 40 dollar admission price. 3 World class Coasters, unlimited thrills even on the small rides, FREE drinks, FREE sunscreen, FREE parking, cheap food and souvenirs, most importantly friendly staff and clean park
  14. http://www.wlwt.com/news/20331491/detail.html Terrible news to hear, glad I got to ride it before 3:30 today. Prayers for the family
  15. Son of Beast is INNOCENT http://news.cincinnati.com/article/2009072...nearly+complete
  16. I lost count as well after this past visit. I believe i'm high 70's or low 80's, but I lost count after the crazy day yesterday
  17. Yes I was talking about Firehawk Also the state of Ohio claims the investigation will be completed this week, so in theory it is quite possible for Son of Beast to reopen again this week. I know it a dream, but let me dream
  18. Today the white sign reading "this line is temporarily close" was out in front of it. Also Firehawk received an exact copy of that sign tonight, see if it reopens tomorrow or not
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