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  1. reclaimer

    2008 Map

    Who said every coaster 'worked out' over water? Nobody.
  2. reclaimer

    2008 Map

    Coming from someone whose username is "Coaster_King", I have to laugh. Seriously. KI hasn't gotten a new, decent coaster in awhile. It's long overdue. And, like some have already said, it isn't necessarily the end of Swan Lake. They more than likely just needed to drain it and close the path for the year to do construction, and will then refill it when they can. Think back to Maverick, and numerous other coasters that go over water. Their lakes, ponds, etc. had to be drained.
  3. reclaimer

    2008 Map

    Actually, it looks as though Wal-Mart is really ramping up the sponsorship thing this year. Check out this photo...
  4. reclaimer

    2008 Map

    It's just an advertisement they're putting up around various places throughout the park. Wal-Mart is a major sponsor of the park this year. In fact, I believe the season passes this year also mention Wal-Mart. As an added benefit, your Kings Island season pass is valid as membership to Sam's Club, as well. There's also a possibility of a Wal-Mart being built on the park grounds itself. I would love it if that comes true. KI needs a good store.
  5. It's a park buy-out. A company paid to rent out the park for the day. Passholders and the general public will not be able to visit until April 20.
  6. That path WILL be closed...for at *least* a portion of the season. Period.
  7. Wow. Not bad at all. I'm surprised. Flight Deck's especially.
  8. ...and the Six Flags trend continues with the countless Tony Hawk rides. :-\
  9. I visited the one in Sandusky with some friends for a day this summer. It was really a fun experience. So fun, in fact, that we're planning on a return visit sometime this winter when the expansion opens.
  10. You know, it's kind of funny how The Park has gone from Camp Snoopy to Nick Universe right as the former Paramount Parks become integrated into the CF family. ..and no, I'm not trying to say there is something to it, I just find it funny.
  11. OMG it seems like yesterday the 2006 poll was up. This season flew by.
  12. Awesome! I'll be there. Not to try out or anything...I just kinda have to go to class. :P Yay Ball State :D
  13. reclaimer


    Those events aren't THAT bad.
  14. I'd like to shoot that bear...and I'm not a violent person.
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