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  1. moore

    Favorite Flat ride

    Drop Zone hands down. Then a tie between Delirium and TR:TR.
  2. moore

    Delirium Ride Experience

    Honestly, if you can handle any large roller coaster (such as SoB) I am confident you can stomache Delirium. It doesn't have quick, sudden movements so it shouldn't cause any nausea. I think you'll be fine if you do decide to ride it.
  3. moore

    RCT3/2 PKI creation

    There is a deceant recreation at rcttown.com for RCT2.
  4. moore

    Do you think PKI should get Hypersonic XLC?

    I'd prefer an Itamin rocket. If PKI were to get one, I would put it somewhere in Coney Mall. Possibly like kjkjkj said, by FoF.
  5. moore

    What about having a mega coaster built?

    I wouldn't mind seeing a topple tower going back by FoF. They look pretty sweet. I just wish they were maybe a little taller.
  6. moore

    What ride are you....

    getting ready to go to pki this weekend, should I really take time out of the one day we get to ride tr:tr? It seems fairly popular here but friends and people I asked at PKI said it wasn't worth it b/c of the poor special effects. Anyway, I hope I get to ride FoF and Vortex bunches.
  7. moore

    What ride are you....

    Seeing as I'm only going there once this year (in just a couple of weeks!) I'll prlly ride Vortex the most b/c of the fast lines.
  8. moore

    FoF gets re-themed?!?

    Spaceballs is AWESOME! lol. don't be dissin Spaceballs. That would like an awesome theme, if they could pull it off. I'd rather see a star trek theme IF they HAVE to re-theme FoF. I think the space themes work better than like soundwave.
  9. moore


    If there was a celebrity at a theme park, I would probably walk right by them and not see them lol. I'm usually too absorbed in the rides.
  10. moore


    Wow, Hi Moron. There's two months until the track opens... think they have to have the cars fully detailed when placed on the track? Let's think before we post :) Sorry I didn't think it would take more than 2 months to put simple details on a couple cars. So are they putting on more details? :unsure:
  11. moore


    those trains look REALLY freakin retarded. whoever designed them needs to be shot. lol. Aren't they going to put any details on them? I think the cars being up so high will give it a diffterent feeling than a normal coaster. I bet you'll barelly be able to see the track right in fron of you once your in it.