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  1. damn, they don't have any seat belts on those trains. Six Flags is dangerous.
  2. For real? I think so. I mean it was dark in the tunnel. But I swear it looked like someone was just standing in the tunnel.
  3. so when I was on The Beast, there was this dude standing in the helix tunnel... construction worker maybe? I'm not sure, but it was weird.
  4. As much as I love woodies, Kings Island really needs a flagship steel ride. But if they do build a woodie (they wont) I would be cool with that. Woodies are my favorite coaster.
  5. why does tomorrow matter? It opens sunday
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZMqR5xt1SAI probably have seen it. But it's kinda cool
  7. Hmm Not sure if I like this more than Firehawk.
  8. I love woodens more, More of a natural feel, I like em rough like son of beast. Steel is ok, but it's always the same ride. Weather plays a roll of the ride feel on wood which I love wood more than steel
  9. You're a di if you think Top Gun Sucks...
  10. Well Kings island has more quality rides than cp. and I love wooden coasters, and all of Cp's suck.
  11. Do you think top thrill dragster will be around for another 10 years?
  12. It just shows, i remember in 1999 before CP had anything great, it was like KI was the best park, and now CP is..so it kinda sucks
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