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  1. I'd go a step further and remove the train altogether. No matter how much of a classic piece of KI history it is, it's purpose has severly been diminished over the last 10 years. It's gone from an entertainment ride with props and actors to an entertainment ride with transport to the waterpark to mainly transportation to the waterpark. The only other thing it produces is an area to rest from walking around so much. If it worked more like CP's train (transportation for the whole park), I'd say keep it, but since it's only a Rivertown staple, it doesn't provide a lot of use. However (after taking a walk back through White Water Canyon's queue) if they did remove the train, the area of land freed up by its removal would practically allow for an immense expansion of Rivertown in general. White Water Canyon's queue alone takes up an enormous amount of space.... Per my own reimagining, I've highlighted the changes I'd make to the area: Light blue storage area relocates to where the fort is. Maroon (current) RR track would be removed. Bright red would be new pathway to circle from Rivertown to waterpark. Green is new queue for WWC and a new Intamin splash boat ride that would utilize the lake that exists there currently (which also would allow for the removal of Congo Falls for another thrill ride for Action Zone). Dark blue is the area freed up by the train removal for additional rides/shops/eateries/etc. And then, once that area is cleared and redeveloped, build a monorail (yes, again) that skirts the outside areas of the park for travel from Rivertown to Action Zone.
  2. It depends mostly upon your size. I, for instance, can't ride. I'm 6'4" and 320lbs., but a lot of my issue wasn't so much the stomach but the legs/hips. If you're a wider person, or have big thighs, the seat is contoured with an inward curve at the top of the sides of the seat (so that the restraint when closed makes a more complete "seal" as it were). You might be able to shove yourself down into it, but the restraint doesn't come down far enough. I have a feeling that even if I were to lose 50+ lbs (which I've done before for this sort of thing) it wouldn't help unless I couldn't shrink the size of my legs. Most of the people that didn't pass the test to get on via the test seat were this way (bottom heavy). Not to say I'm not going to try before the end of the season though. :D Other than that, I love what they did with the whole Rivertown area. It's very nice.
  3. Overflow @10:15a....not sure how far it stretches past this point....
  4. Middle of the snake sits by the old Walmart in Tri County everyday.
  5. (Side note factoid...) There is a plaque/monument at the beginning (or at least there was) of Adventure Express' queue line that is dedicated to my uncle's uncle for the work he did on it. I cannot remember in what capacity that was (since I haven't looked at it in a while), but it's always been a personal family fun fact. Now, on with Ty's show....
  6. I'm going to be at work until 2pm, so I'll sit here and watch the webcam to gauge the crowds and figure out if I'm going to go in the afternoon or not...
  7. Wasn't Diamondback at one time supposed to be called Mantis? ;)
  8. I don't think so... I'm beginning to think it's a split up the staircase for sitting in the front half/back half of the train. It looks as if they finally got around to putting in the actual queue gates under the tarps too. Side note: I saw a DB Metro bus in Springdale... the driver was asleep at the wheel. All I kept thinking was that he must've made a good meal for the reptile. :lol:
  9. I'd laugh if it were glow in the dark paint.
  10. I didn't catch it before, but why would you need fencing here? Is the queue area is going to be much bigger than originally thought?
  11. More pathway has been poured. It looks too thin to be patio space. My guess is overflow queue too. Someone should ask Don Helbig to take some pics of the queue area.
  12. "Complimentary Blue Ice Cream Cone" SOLD!
  13. Sat in passenger pickup, eating lunch today... Three train operation was running silky smooth. Everytime a train hit the midcourse, the next one was starting up the lift. The only way I can see a problem with this thing is having a slow crew. Otherwise people should fly through the queue.
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