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  1. Needs more flames on SOB lol.I only had one good ride on it that it didn't hurt me at all was right after it opened after it rained last year.
  2. I may not go to any parks this season.
  3. Last years was good.My friend would have came but he had to pay full price ever though he had a season pass and wish I would have stayed for Diamondback ert.
  4. Id meet up with you I'm usually at the soak city gate be one of the first people in line my name is brendan
  5. I have 25 rides now would've had more but didn't stay for the ert last night
  6. I have 10 now I'll get more this weekend.. I have a question the single rider line i see people with a ticket for it or something how do I get one of them I'll be at the park sat and sun by myself and would use that line.
  7. cbrendan502


    I thought Cedar Point closed disaster transport in the rain i heard the roof leaks
  8. I heard the first monday after they open is dead i went last year and was slow also i think it rain that day too.
  9. I thought they switched the trains to face forward to cut costs like have both forward so they can close one side down on slow days.
  10. Guess I cant go says must be a member before feb 1st on my coasterbuzz card says feb 18th on it.
  11. Oh ok thanks thats what I read I just thought a guest with a pass would be free too but guess not
  12. I tried to register for the event and bring my friend and says my guest needs to buy a ticket and has a platinum pass can i bring him still or is there something else i need to do?
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