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  1. TheMaestro

    This vs that

    WOW. It's been a long day.My bad. Haha. Okay. Mr. Pibb or Dr. Pepper?
  2. TheMaestro

    This vs that

    Good one. For me, it's hard to say. I own a Fender Strat and an Epiphone Les Paul. I absolutely LOVE the cut of my Strat. But in the end I guess it just comes down to what you want to play. If I had to pick........eh... Fender.
  3. TheMaestro

    KI Unleashes New Haunt Website

    So is there no Worksite this year?
  4. TheMaestro

    KI Unleashes New Haunt Website

    Im assuming Stunt Crew Grill...? - Collin
  5. There baaaaaaaack.... muhahahaha

  6. TheMaestro

    Non-Singing Shows

    Free Meals? Where do i sign up?
  7. TheMaestro

    What's Happening Labor Day

    The Brady Bunch is coming back to Kings Island on Labor Day weekend.
  8. TheMaestro

    Newsletter: The 2009 Ride is Unmasked This Wednesday!

    The horse out of the barn?.... So confused.....
  9. TheMaestro

    FearFest or Halloween Haunt?

    Ill put a nickel on the International Restaraunt. It's a complete guess.
  10. TheMaestro

    Official Rivertown Construction Thread

    no Uhm... Yes? It was an opionion. I apologize I guess. Sheesh.
  11. TheMaestro

    Official Rivertown Construction Thread

    Im thinking maybe... Revenge of the Beast. I just like it.
  12. TheMaestro

    Villain's train spotted at KI

    Well, the Dip n Dots guy told me that the lemon chill girl told him that her friend, who is Dick Kinzels former roommate, said that they're for Top Gun...
  13. TheMaestro

    Changes in Phantom Theater!?!?

    Has anyone seen the Maestro?
  14. TheMaestro

    Is it true?

    Yes! Theres still hope
  15. TheMaestro

    Is it true?

    Oh god please be true. This would make me happier than ever - The Maestro