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  1. I don`t think that the reason Six Flags is renovating those rides is strictly related to the economy. Rather, they likely want to attract new guests to their parks to see the renovated attractions without spending millions on new coasters and rides. Keep in mind that Six Flags is in some very serious financial standing, regardless of the recent turn in the economy. Not to mention that Six Flags stock has been trading below a $1 for months now. The company is not on strong financial footing, and it might only be a matter of time before something eventually gives with them and a reorganization takes place.
  2. As I`ve said before, don`t expect the entire ride to be completed by Thanksgiving. They will not be able to pour some of the footings until by The Beast entrance until after the park closes for the year after November 2. What that means, is about a month delay in putting any supports on those footings after they have been poured (unless they add some admixtures to the concrete to speed up the curing process) in order to allow proper time for the concrete to develop the necessary strength to support those footings. And that is of course barring any weather related delays.
  3. From what I saw, the price for renewing pass holders to purchase a KI only pass was $79.99. That does NOT include a parking pass. You must buy a parking pass for $39.99. However, if you buy a 2009 Gold Season Pass for 2009 at a cost of $84.99, it comes with free parking. Additionally, the Platinum Pass is available for $140, and like the KI Gold Pass, contains free parking.
  4. Note that the new regulations would only apply to new facilities, or alterations to existing facilities. However, all facilities must implement changes that are "readily achievable". What exactly is defined as readily achievable will certainly lead to many debates about the costs involved with making these readily achievable changes to comply with the new ADA standards. Having worked in several architectural offices, I have become very familiar with the ADA requirements. Everything from the slope on sidewalks, handrails on ramps, mounting heights for fixtures, clear width beside the hinge side of the door, and clearances for wheel chairs are all spelled out in the ADA.
  5. Well, technically, you should have stated "concrete beams" and "footings." Rebar is placed in concrete because concrete is very poor with tensile forces (concrete is inherently brittle). Steel (which rebar is made of) is good in tension, and rather poor with compressive forces (something concrete handles readily). And, it just so happens that both materials have the same thermal expansion rates! The circular rebar in the footing cages (these are called sometimes called column ties) are primarily used to keep the vertical rebars from buckling out of position when the concrete is poured. The rebar is placed in a location so that there is 1 1/2" of concrete between the exterior surface of the concrete beam/footing and the rebar. This cover prevents water from reaching the rebar, where it could rust, causing spalling and cracking, and making the composite construction weaker then what it was designed for. In addition, rebar can provide an effective cold joint between pours of concrete. In other words, if they stop pouring concrete say a couple of feet below the grade level, they will often leave some rebar exposed. This is so that when they come back to pour the top of the footing which includes the anchor bolts (which requires far greater tolerances) the concrete will be monumentally locked to the existing concrete that had previously been poured (days before hand). And, as the temperature rises, concrete begins to set quicker, so crews have to work faster to get the concrete into its final position (unless admixtures are added). Typically, concrete achieves about 90% of its strength after 28 days, and typically continues to cure years after originally being poured! I think that is enough for today`s structures lesson. And I apologize in advanced for correcting the footing/concrete thing!
  6. Wow, Interpreter. That was a rather major error! Not completely awake yet when you made that post?
  7. Why announce it after the jump? A lot of news outlets will already be covering KI for the jump. If they wait until say July or August when KI hasn`t been in the news a lot, they will be able to drum up hype for the park, and potentially drum up season pass sales for 09 when they go on sale in August or September.
  8. Just a little tidbit. When the park announced Son of Beast back in May of 1999, Montel Williams was among the guests invited in for the announcement. In addition to announcing the new ride, they also opened The Beast for the invited guests to take a spin on "the father".
  9. What? No video from Coney`s spokesperson?
  10. Just curious, as I`ve worked at Coney for six seasons now (potentially getting ready to start my seventh), but who is going to be the speaker from Coney Island?
  11. I believe that the companies had to pay extra to "buy out" the pay attractions. I know that P&G for a few years offered the go karts in the Action Zone free. And the resulting line was often about an hour or more, depending on the time of day. They haven`t had any of the pay attractions free on P&G day the last several years though.
  12. Keep in mind that the company buyout that used to occur on the first Saturday in June is no longer a company buy out day. Which is better? Having a company buyout at the beginning of the season when the weather could be questionable, or at the start of peak season?
  13. Not positive of the exact number, but I can make a fairly educated guess. The tower stands 314 feet tall (275 feet to the top observation platform). Typical stair risers are 6-7" tall. Assuming 6" tall risers and the platform height of 275', you get a number of about 650 steps.
  14. I highly doubt that the work was related to water or termite damage. The wood used in Son of Beast, and other coasters are usually treated so that they are not as susceptible to insects and water damage. If they were doing work on the ride, it is likely related to the stress caused by the trains on the structure, as opposed to some mother nature related ailments.
  15. Construction is still a long ways off! They hope to start construction in four years, but it could be as long as fifteen years before construction starts! However, as the article states, they will likely start work on the southern exit first. Yes, talk about a nightmare getting to the park when all that work is going on! Especially if you`ve seen some of the proposals under consideration for the southern exit! One of them shifts the exit to lign up with the intersection of Columbia Road with the employee parking lot for one large intersection. The other straightens up the exit with Kings Island Dr. to more closely follow 71. It will be interesting to see which option they decide upon in the coming years. And how they plan to phase the construction will also be interesting to see. I`m sure Kings Island will want the impact on guests to be as minimal as possible. (KI Dr. already backs up onto the exit ramp on busy days in the summer at park opening).
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