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  1. Well Im 14 and the truth of the matter is the only thing we know about Snoopy and Charlie Brown is that he has a christmas, thanksgiving, and great pumpkin special on ABC every year. The truth of the matter is that the Peanuts gang and Hannah Barberra are just outdated. We have to start thinking in the future not the past. Kids are going to steadily get younger and not know who the characters are they are riding lol. Soon they will lose interest thus Cedar Fair will lose money. I know a lot of families who only go to Kings Island for Nick Universe.
  2. If you had a choice of any ride or rollercoaster to add to Kings Island what would it be? It can also be a weird ride that hasnt been made yet be CREATIVE!
  3. Im going to Kings Island friday with my school and I am pretty afraid of rides but i dont want to look like a wuss in front of my classmates so I wanna go on at least 3-6 big rides what should they Be? Or can u guys give me a list of rides i could ride to warm myself up to the bigger rides?
  4. Im a beast at Kings Island history but im still 2 scared 2 get on the beast lol the length is 2,456 feet
  5. Maybe Theodore or Teddy as in Teddy Roosevelt? Or maybe Bob lol jk
  6. Ive never ridden the beast so i have to go with parking lot trams beacuse my legs get strained BEFORE i get to the park when the trams aren't running..................................well Adventure Express VS. Runaway Reptar
  7. Im new on here Hi!!! :) Well I LOVE all rollercoasters even though I am terrified by them..... do you guys have any ways to get over this phobia or do you have any stories about your own phobia's on one of Ki's rides? BTW how do you put up profile photo's???????? Oh Ive been on a couple big coasters "involuntary of course" lol I went on Rock N' Rollercoaster and Space Mountain! And it was the BIGGEST RUSH!!!
  8. Hey thats the day Im going!!!! with my choir! ITS gunna be a mad house!!!!
  9. My first ride was the adventure express in 1999, my dad forced me on :angry: and ive been terrified of rollercoasters since! I still ride them though :rolleyes:
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