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  1. That is a great looking cast list for American Country! I was a HUGE fan of The County Line so I am really excited to see how this show turns out to be as well as all of the other entertainment shows around the park
  2. Edit: Wrong Topic! On the other hand while looking at this topic I agree with Klockster on the skates. It would be nuts to ride The Raven in those but I think any of the 3 wooden coasters at Holiday World wound be crazy if you rode them with the skates, especially Voyage with those 90 degree banked turns
  3. Well we know there will be something else new now besides just Planet Snoopy and a new entertainment show. A new Pretzel Shop on International Street. From Kings Island's Twitter Page
  4. 2010 Operating Calender released. Calender Link The park will be open Friday April 23rd from 5 PM-10 PM and will also be open April 30th and every Friday in may once again 10 AM-10 PM. Daily Operation begins Friday May 21st and ends Sunday August 29. The park has 5 Saturdays in which they are open until midnight those being all in July and the first Saturday in August. Also the park now has 3 Sundays in which they will be operating from 12 PM-12 AM with Halloween Haunt these days and also 3 Thursday nights in which they will be open 7 PM-12 AM for Halloween Haunt. Those dates are S
  5. Im at 100 exact right now. Definitely going to get alot more before the season ends
  6. I believe the exact number is 124 rides if I remember correctly. Don Helbig held the record for a long period of time with 123 rides in one day until somebody broke the record which happened last season I believe.
  7. It wasnt working for me at all yesterday, every time I tried to log on to there the website would never load but no more troubles today :)
  8. 59 so far but I'm like 10 rides behind my schedule, hoping to get to 70 by the end of the day tomorrow
  9. ^^^Most of the time, yes. Flight of Fear will normally stay open for operation during storms unless it breaks down of course. Also, if the weather outside becomes very severe and tornadic in nature like they did Saturday Night, the park will then stop all operations of FoF as it is a designated tornado shelter area set up by the park.
  10. Kings Island right now has 365 acres that they have developed, but they own over 700 acres in land in my knowledge, still leaving them with over 300 acres of land for future development. Hope this helps
  11. ^^^That is if its a clear day which hopefully it will. I've learned a few new things about the park that I never knew like being able to see Cincinnati, the one about Delirium I heard a few months ago on here and DiSab I believe you are right about PKIDelirium having those pictures
  12. I was just looking around on the Kings Island website at random things to pass time and I ended up finding the 2009 Gold Pass Perks! They are mostly the same but there are a couple of new perks as well and just by looking at this I can tell it will be an awesome year to be a Gold or Platinum Passholder at Kings Island :D Click Here for 2009 Gold Pass Perks
  13. Plus not to mention all of the bees that fly around KI over the summer. I think I heard that fact somewhere before but im not sure but its still quite interesting none the less
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