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  1. According to Cedar Point's twitter page, Millennium Force is now re-open. http://twitter.com/cedarpoint
  2. Of course I'll be there for opening day next year. I got another rollback on opening day this year. :)
  3. That would be Evel Knievel, the new GCI woodie. And they don't have an "out door FoF". That is at Six Flags America (Joker's Jinx) and Six Flags Fiesta Texas (Poltergeist). They have Mr. Freeze and Batman: The Ride, and a first generation Intamin drop tower to name a few.
  4. Guess they weren't done. The crane is back up near the turnaround now. :)
  5. No, all 3 trains would never be on the brake run at once. The maintenance shed will house the trains when they're not on the track.
  6. In English (as best as I can tell) he said: If you go over to the Holiday World web site, on the HoliBlog, Paula has started dropping hints. There's going to be a hint a day for 2 weeks. Announcement will be made on Aug 26. :)
  7. The station is on the other side from where they're working. The part they're working on now is the maintenance area.
  8. B&M Hypers don't have seatbelts. That will allow this coaster to load very fast. And they are very roomy. I'm pretty big too, and I've never had a problem on the ones I've ridden.
  9. If I do end up going, I'll be at the Magnum/Resort Gate bright and early!
  10. Great pics. I'm hoping to be at CP on Sunday too. Hopefully it won't be too crowded.
  11. Little Bill's Giggle Coaster is a coaster. Avatar is the one that shouldn't be counted as a coaster.
  12. Behemoth has a single rider line, so I would suspect that this ride may have one too.
  13. http://www.visitkingsisland.com/events/newsletter.cfm
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