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  1. lol parties are awesome!

  2. lol so how was Kings Island??

  3. Lol that's cool I just got home from a party

  4. vballqueen1792

    The Simpsons take over Universal Studios Parks

    O.o That's so cool! Love Harry Potter and Simpsons! :D
  5. vballqueen1792

    The Simpsons take over Universal Studios Parks

    That would be sweet! I could just imagine the rollercoaster now!
  6. vballqueen1792

    The Simpsons take over Universal Studios Parks

    Cool, new Simpsons ride.......hmm that's interresting! I LOVE the Simpsons, can't wait to ride that and Krusty Land, LoL :lol: that's funny! It would be cool to have an Itchy and Scratchy Land........... :sarmoti:
  7. vballqueen1792

    New Hanna-Barbera Land?

    Thats pretty funny! besides I cannot stand pee wee [shudders!] LoL :lol:
  8. vballqueen1792

    New Hanna-Barbera Land?

    LOL! :hysterical: That's funny,but it would be cool to have Futurama ride even thought WB doesn't own it.
  9. vballqueen1792

    New Hanna-Barbera Land?

    LOL! Thay's funny, but since it's the childrens section of the park I don't think parent would like that too much! Still very funny though! :rolling:
  10. Lol, I like your icon thingy about the two guys thinking! Very funny!

  11. vballqueen1792

    New Hanna-Barbera Land?

    That's true I don't mind it that much,but I'm going to miss the old HB Land......oh well let's see what Kings Island has in store for us in the future...do you think they'll eventually change it again in the future and what do you think they'll do next?
  12. vballqueen1792

    New Hanna-Barbera Land?

    Me too! Love the Simpsons and Scooby Doo, so sad it's not HB land anymore :( *Use edit tool*
  13. I like your personal statement,very funny!

  14. vballqueen1792

    Opening Weekend

    That sucks u can't go!!! But don't worry i can't go either atleast not till my youth group goes which will be during Fear Feast :(
  15. vballqueen1792

    Inside the park suggestions

    It depends on what the other people I go with want to ride, but personally I like to ride the Beast, Racers or hit the action zone area because the rides in that area fil up pretty face and move really slow.
  16. vballqueen1792

    How You End Your Day at PKI

    Either the Beast because it's an awesome coaster to ride @ night or the Racers because it's cool to watch the fireworks while riding it! :D
  17. vballqueen1792

    Maxx Pass Coupon Book?

    Aren't they all the same types of passes? I mean they're all Gold Passes and the only difference is the appreance. :huh:
  18. vballqueen1792

    Rollercoaster phobias?

    Oh yeah Fire Hawk has the initals FH! :)
  19. vballqueen1792

    Rollercoaster phobias?

    That's cool that you love roller coasters,but sucks that ur afraid of them. When my dad took me in line to ride the Beast I like started crying when i saw that huge first hill, nut he told me i would have fun. so i rode the Beast and ended up loving it!!!! You just have to look your in the face and ride the coaster,you won't regret it! :lol:
  20. vballqueen1792

    Firehawk Update April 2 - Lift Hill Now Visible

    :P Lol! Can't wait to ride it! Looks awesome!
  21. vballqueen1792

    What if We got a "Shriek House"?

    I like how you renamed stuff as the years went by! Very nice! :ph34r:
  22. vballqueen1792

    What if We got a "Shriek House"?

    Nice! A shriek house would be very cool! I would totally ride it! :ph34r: