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  1. Happy Birthday Emily!!! Ü

  2. It was probably the best visit of my life expect for very very bad sunburn.

  3. lol parties are awesome!

  4. I love parties too..........

  5. lol so how was Kings Island??

  6. thats cool I love parties.

  7. Lol that's cool I just got home from a party

  8. Been good just got home form KI.

  9. O.o That's so cool! Love Harry Potter and Simpsons! :D
  10. That would be sweet! I could just imagine the rollercoaster now!
  11. Cool, new Simpsons ride.......hmm that's interresting! I LOVE the Simpsons, can't wait to ride that and Krusty Land, LoL :lol: that's funny! It would be cool to have an Itchy and Scratchy Land........... :sarmoti:
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