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  1. Rollercoast19

    Diamondback que soundtrack

    One song they played is called "Do You Feel" by The Rocket Summer. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mrP9SrMJ00c
  2. Rollercoast19

    Howl-O-Fest Preparations

    I missed those small trains. I am happy to see that they kept them.
  3. Rollercoast19

    Walt Disney World PTR

    I think it is great that the lighting fixtures interest you, and I bet Disney thinks the same thing. No doubt they put a lot of time in that detail, and I bet that they enjoy it being recognized! I loved that reference to the Twilight Zone in the Permit to Operate. Especially the meaning behind the caldwallader name. Very spooky! What camera did you use to take your pictures? Thanks for sharing your Walt Disney World vacation with us!
  4. Rollercoast19

    Walt Disney World PTR

    Excellent PTR and photos! I love every post! I have never been to WDW (I did go to Disneyland in '96) so your comments and photos are extremely interesting to me. So interesting that I am seriously considering planning a trip down there for next summer. Thank you for taking the time to take such detailed photos. I love how WDW dressed up that cell tower. That really impresses me!
  5. Rollercoast19

    Planet Snoopy- New in 2010

    The Golden Ticket Awards might not be valid to enthusiasts, but the general public doesn't know that or agree. If a family was planning a trip to any amusement park I believe they would choose the one with multiple awards.
  6. Wasn't the concert supposed to be covered by WGN America?
  7. Rollercoast19

    Son of Beast Closed for Rest of 2009- Maybe Forever

    They have placed the Club Blood logo in SOB's box in the past. So it is possible that is why they removed the SOB logo.
  8. Rollercoast19

    Halloween Haunt 2009

    Last season, it was pretty light on Halloween. I was very surprised.
  9. Rollercoast19

    2009 Changes and Additions

    Wow, thanks! I guess I need to pay closer attention, lol.
  10. Rollercoast19

    2009 Changes and Additions

    Did they change and repaint the Dodgems sign this year, or is it the same as last year? I saw a picture of it in a TR on KIC, and it looked different.
  11. Rollercoast19

    Diamondback Site

    It was gone for me as well, but now it is partially back up. Edit: It is completely back up now for me.
  12. Rollercoast19

    2009 Changes and Additions

    The land is still called Rivertown, however Rivertown Junction refers to the old Wings restaurant.
  13. Rollercoast19

    Ty's April 25, 2009 PTR

    I love the picture of the Grand Carousel! Very elegant!
  14. Rollercoast19

    2009 Goals

    That is hilarious! :lol:
  15. Rollercoast19

    Step Back In Time To 1975 With Our Latest Update!

    Excellent pictures Standbyme! Thank you for sharing them!