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  1. And opening a park today is not like opening a park in the past... Many of the parks that flourished during the last century did so because they were rooted in the local economy - Geauga Lake, Cedar Point, Kennywood... They have been around since the 1800's, and in most cases, started out as picnic parks, which then got merry-go-rounds, maybe a boat tour, and grew from there, developing and changing with the culture. Then there are the parks that started later, usually with corporate backing or a strong financial investment - Kings Island, Great Adventure, the Great Americas, the SeaWorlds, et
  2. No one knows. Except the people who do know. And they're not telling.
  3. Yep! Once in a great while a death occurs at Kings Island due to a pre-existing condition. Now, pretend you had a dozen Kings Islands all across the world, open five more months of the year, and with tens of thousands more visitors on any given day. As Braves said, the accidents would grow. And if all were attributed to "Kings Island" the way that accidents across the globe are all generalized as happening to "Disney," it would seem like Kings Island was a dangerous place. It's not!
  4. No, they don't. Thanks for proving a point many have been trying to make for quite some time. ;)
  5. Oh, please don't go by things I say! :ph34r: Hahaha!
  6. To me, it's a shame - many of my friends have simply grown up with Iron Dragon, so when I explain Flight Deck, I say "it's the same kind of roller coaster as Iron Dragon," which is often met with a "You're kidding me, right?" Typically, they make fun of the ride right up until the first drop. Iron Dragon, at least in my opinion, has given suspended coasters a "lame, kiddy-coaster" reputation that they don't deserve. Perhaps more shameful, I get the feeling that, when Arrow Suspended parts start getting really slim, Vortex and/or Flight Deck will be dismantled in order to keep up Dragon (all to
  7. Oh, it used to! Trust me... :\ But as for why ridership is up, I'm sure it's combination of less downtime, and a ride cycle that lasts just over a minute... Certainly quite short compared with Tomb Raider: The Ride's original ride time of well over two and a half minutes (not including boarding & disembarking time). There seem to be many different things all battling to change the Crypt's ridership: 1) Word of mouth gets out and people no longer want to ride it (I've heard more than one "This is where Tomb Raider used to be, right?" followed by a brief explanation and the que
  8. :sarmoti: COME ONNNNN BLACKSTONE! :sarmoti: And not just Blackstone, here's to joining the Merlin family! Or... *The Heavens part and beams of light come crashing onto my willing face* :bow: Universal....... Sorry folks, I don't usually type this erratically. I just about pee my pants each time I think of Universal's Kings Island!
  9. I live in Northeast Ohio, so it's about a four hour drive to get to Kings Island for me: I went the second or third weekend and got to Mason around 7:00, hopped into the park with a few minutes til closing, processed my pass (for no wait) and got a ride on Diamondback and a ride on The Crypt, all in about 10 minutes. That really worked for me and I'd definitely aim to do it again. In other words, my suggestion is that, if you can't process ahead of time, go just before the park closes for the night. The lines waiting for passes in the mornings are literally incredible, a hundred people lon
  10. At first I was excited about the pretzel shop! That was quickly replaced by a deep and irreparable despair at the thought of $6.99 for a pretzel dog and $8.99 for a pretzel without a dog (make sense? Good. It's not supposed to.)
  11. The ever-necessary shot of Spider-Man! But I doubt that many also include that "5 Minute Wait" sign. :P The park was pretty dead, which made me feel bad about complaining about it closing at 6:00... By about 4:00 everything was a walk-on. I had forgotten, after so many rides on DarKastle, how intense this ride really was. I knew DarKastle was toned down for families and such, but man, Spider-Man is violent! About as shaky as I remember, but still, pretty shaky! I mean, it was great though - it was perfect. I like actually believing the motion. They say the film projection vs. physical sets on
  12. Tucked away in a back corner of the park is The Mystic Fountain... And while it doesn't look like much, I'd wager that it was Cody's favorite part of the trip - he kept wanting to go back to it. And really, it's another of those things at Islands that I'm very impressed with primarily because it's not marketed, it creates no revenue, but 10 years after opening, it's still running at tip top shape. Essentially, you approach the fountain, ask it questions, talk to it, etc. Some think it's a computer, some think it's a man in a booth with a camera, others think it's magic. ;) All I know is, it's
  13. Though it was quite hard to get a good photo, this sort of shows you - a "trapeze artist" swings eternally back-and-forth above you, there's a big organ which plays crazy Seuss music, a seal balancing on balls, planes swirl around above you... And every few minutes, a Trolley comes through - I love when rides interact! And of course, the trolley narrates a line that will be stuck in my head for years - "The Circus McGurkis - the world's greatest show! On the face of the Earth, or wherever you go." Then, of course, there's the park's most well-themed, but slowly shrinking Island, Th
  14. As you may know, or could easily guess, Universal's Islands of Adventure is my favorite theme park in terms of overall experience. Like many of the Florida theme parks, when you really break it down there's not much there: Three coasters, a stellar dark ride, a drop tower, three water rides, and shows. But of course, there's much more too it than that (as always). There's absolutely no question in my mind that Islands is the most well-themed park I've ever seen, and I'd venture to say it's the best themed in the Americas. Though I've never been, I've heard and seen incredible things of To
  15. Just a quick stop at the Sea Lion and Otter Stadium - of all the Clyde & Seamore shows I've seen, "Clyde & Seamore Take Pirate Island" is by far my favorite. Such a fun cast and such stupid jokes... Ahhh. Photo credit. While it's certainly no Disney ride (or even a Universal one), Journey to Atlantis is a lot of fun and has a surprise ending that I think catches most first-timers off-guard. Are the effects great? No. (Though, like I said, apparently it's going to be going under short bursts of re-hab all winter/spring to be back to its opening day glory by summer?) But it's a fun
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