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    Hanging with my boyfriend, and Going in KI in the summers---
  1. Haha, "Italian Job: Stunt Crap"! lol!

  2. KingsIslandQueen

    Music at KI, International Street

    ^ I agree
  3. KingsIslandQueen

    Anyone need a new friend to ride with?

    I wouldnt meet up alone, but whats the big deal of meeting up with someine at the park? I mean there a thousands of people at the park, Im sure nothing bad could happen- just as long as you stayed in the park and didnt go to there car or anything
  4. KingsIslandQueen

    retro days at kings island?!

    If it was to happen it woudln't be this year---- this year CF's all about making sime money back- There not trying to throw it away just on a week- Maybe in a couple years they might but dont hold your breathe on it being this year
  5. KingsIslandQueen

    Kings Island Daily History Question

    Yea I say skyride too-
  6. KingsIslandQueen

    retro days at kings island?!

    That is an awesome idea....... I would love for this to happen-----My favorite part would have to be the old rides being open late-----
  7. KingsIslandQueen

    Anyone need a new friend to ride with?

    Hey if you didn't care to hang out with me and my boyfriend we could all meet up and go........ I know some people dont like to hang out with a couple, but with us it's not like we hang on each other- We usually try to go at least once a weekend, sometimes twice---
  8. KingsIslandQueen

    Son of Beast - First ride, Memorial Day Weekend?

    I didnt see any signs that talked about it while I was there
  9. KingsIslandQueen


    paying the 34.95 is like going to the park either just under 4 times with regular parking or just over 2 times with perfered- It's not that bad-
  10. KingsIslandQueen

    1 day

    I plan on taking a ton- So I got my pass processed earlier, and I must say I think waiting until the day before the park opened was my best choice cause seeing everything made me that much more impatient- Whos all going tomorrow? wait I shoud say who all is going today?
  11. KingsIslandQueen

    Fun season begins

    wow this time tomorrow I will be on my way there--- well getting ready to leave atleast
  12. KingsIslandQueen

    Kings Island Daily History Question

    As crazy as that sounds to me it doesn't sound like a half bad plan-- Any one care to join me? And yes The name Was The Champion
  13. KingsIslandQueen

    New Hanna-Barbera Land?

    I use to watch it when nothing else was on--- And I have to admit that it was a pretty awesome show-
  14. KingsIslandQueen

    Fun season begins

    so what exactly is there now?
  15. KingsIslandQueen

    Fun season begins

    Yea I didnt see the Yogi thing either--- It's cool though