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  1. When we were waiting just to get into the queues we were just past the racer then they started the breifing stuff.
  2. :o Yea...The most I would expect is fixing it so that it would do what it's told.
  3. please keep arms and legs inside the car at all times. I could never figure out if raising your hands isn't inside the car.
  4. We arrive at the park around 10:00AM we see Firehawk is having some problems again, we sit in the line for 3 hours and finally get on. Great ride I have to say, smooth and fun. We get off, go down through the exit to get our coupons for the T-shirt. It says you can only get it after 6:00PM which in our case is very inconveniant because we were already running late for our picnic. We went to group sales and he sent us to GR. All they could offer us was an XL which was huge. But we got our T-shirts with the help of an employee we know but seriously, only after 6:00? Some people don't even stay there that long. Mainly what I'm trying to say that free T-shirt business is a real problem.
  5. Getting to the park 2 hours before it opens does not help whatsoever....trust me....
  6. So... is there an overview of Firehawk, gettin' kinda tired looking at small pieces of track.
  7. For Jackass the car could be a shopping cart with rockets on it. :lol:
  8. Yup, you'd be surprised at how fast they work. ;)
  9. Cedar Fair hasn't actually been the greatest at positioning their rides to fit in. They basically just use all the land for large rides to make it better for thrill seekers. But you do have a good point ;)
  10. I really don't think there is a bad ride in the park, it's just some of them have their PROS and CONS. TR:TR for example hurts in some places, or Italian Job I think it doesn't mantain it's speed and I don't like Face/Off because of the forces it puts on you. Some rides equal out with the bads and goods and others vary.
  11. I don't even want to go there...stupid bunny hills...
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